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Male, 55 years, Salida, United States
Alpine skiing, Cross-country skiing, Crosstrainer… (+6 more)

Now in Maysville, Colorado - 8 14ers, world-class: hiking, skiing, mountain biking, trout fishing, elk hunting and the best mountain weather in the world.

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    • Walking 1:17'50 Average heart rate 153 bpm, 9.13 km

      Never listen to the weather man, you'll miss your BEST moves. Took Kirk Rd trail to Pidgeon Hill, up and down Pidgeon hill to Burnt Hickory and out to the East trail cut-off and back to Burnt Hickory to pick-up Kirk Rd. Took a nasty fall tripping over Sally Lee on Pidgeon Hill, rubbed a little dirt on it and kept going! Need new battery in t6c, upload failed, deleted move (don't ever do this), had to enter manually from watch data. HR - below 125, 1.34; HR - over 166, 9.38; HR - 125-166, 1.04.48

    • Walking 0:38'55.3 Average heart rate 163 bpm, 4.57 km

      Burnt Hickory to Dallas Hwy on West Trail, return on East Trail

    • Walking 0:59'11.9 Average heart rate 156 bpm, 7.26 km

      New best time, Kirk Road to Burnt Hickory. Upped to 6 pound hand weights from 5#. Yes, one foot on the ground at all times.

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      If you walk and want to add 40% more cardio to your workout - add hand weights. Also keeps you from getting those tiny little arms that runners have...

      pushing past 50

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      After 14 months of health problems that compromised my ability to exercise and even to stand, I am now doing great. BillD

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