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Male, 55 years, Zeist, Nederland
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Getting in shape again!

Next race: Amsterdam Marathon, 18 october 2015

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      Marathon Berlin. Official time: 3.07.51 I'm happy! In spite of my right calf injury I ran the Berlin Marathon pretty well. I started a little bit too fast and my right calf was painful. But I was able to stand it! The weather was not so good: only rain during the marathon. But the Berlin Marathon is great event!! I'm happy! In spite of my right calf injury I ran the Berlin Marathon pretty well. I started a little bit too fast and my right calf was painful. But I was able to stand it! The weather was not so good: only rain during the marathon. But the Berlin Marathon is great event!!

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    • Janbruning

      29.6.2015 @ Move 29.6.2015

      Goed bezig Louis!! Gas geven en lopen!

    • Janbruning

      14.6.2015 @ Move 14.6.2015

      Hey Louis, Moet ik je op komen halen en stond daar bier aan het einde van de regenboog?

    • Cinnaberry

      7.4.2015 @ louisoortman

      Louis, I would ask you a great favour! I'm planning a trip to Amsterdam next October and, as it happens, they organise a marathon there at that very time. I might even try it out, once I'm there already. ;) But my request to you concerns recommendations on where to stay in the city. Which city area is the most popular among the locals at the moment, with many cozy places to spend the night around? I'm not interested in an area filled with tourists, department stores and sightseeings..

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      • louisoortman


        Johanna, sorry, for my late reaction. I wasn't at Movescount for a few days. I should run more..... In Amsterdam there are always a lot of tourists. The Amsterdam Marathon is sunday 18 october 2015. You can run the marathon but also a half marathon or a 8K-run. I hope to run the marathon! There are some areas that I can advise to stay: the Jordaan or the Pijp Or in the neighbourhood of the Vondelpark. You shouldn't stay in the area Central Station, the Dam. Too many tourists!

      • louisoortman


        Please, let me know if you go Amsterdam! I hope you have a nice time there!

      • Cinnaberry


        Thank you! I had already spotted Jordaan as one of my favs but this confirmed it - just have to find the perfect B&B around there now. :) Or then Pijp, at least it sounds great! We've already booked the flights and I'm just waiting for the main sponsor to confirm if it is willing to pay us for the marathon participations - or let us run for free. But it's not an expensive race anyways. We'll be on the start line together then! :)

      • louisoortman


        Did you already find a B&B in Amsterdam? And did you registrate for the marathon? I've been 8 days in Istanbul. Now I have started the training for the marathon. I have a lot to do..... Nice that we wil be together starting in Amsterdam! :)

      • Cinnaberry


        I just arrived back home from Mallorca myself as well, so no action taken towards Amsterdam yet. We haven't booked a room but it'll be an Airbnb flat from Joordan area. For the marathon registration, there'll be no hurry before August, I believe.

      • louisoortman


        The limit for the marathon is 16.500 runners. Registration is possible until 9 augustus. Registration can stop earlier if the 16.500 runners is reached. I think you should registrate end June or begin July. But first getting and staying injury free and running....:)

      • Cinnaberry


        No hurry yet, it seems.. ;)

    • ronald_buur

      24.2.2015 @ Move 23.2.2015

      Good to c u back!

    • Janbruning

      5.1.2015 @ Move 5.1.2015

      Goed bezig op naar vorm!

      • louisoortman


        Ja, nog een lange weg maar het begin is er.... Nu volhouden...

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