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Male, 41 years, Whitegate, Ireland
Indoor rowing

New season has started - aiming sub6 2k on the indoor rowing machine concept2 Onwards and Upwards!!

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    • Indoor rowing 6:15'40.8 Average heart rate 134 bpm, 84.00 km

      6by56min 4min rest @22 HR Cap 140 Drag 145 2:02.3 Ave for actual rowing time

    • Indoor rowing 1:46'15.5 Average heart rate 144 bpm, 18.00 km

      5k Fletcher Warm up 20by500m 1min rest @20 3k Cool down

    • Indoor rowing 1:20'59.8 Average heart rate 137 bpm, 15.00 km

      Two 5k @24SPM 8min rest No.1 16:59.5 @1:41.9 No.2 17:29.9 @1:44.9 Drag 145 HR Cap 176 (90%Max) 3k Warm up 2k Cool Down

    • Indoor rowing 2:00'20.5 Average heart rate 131 bpm, 19.00 km

      6by2min 8min rest kamikaze lactic bath ‎1) 707m 01:24.9 2) 666m 01:30.1 3) 641m 01:33.6 4) 634m 01:34.6 5) 626m 01:35.8 6) 635m 01:34.5 5k warm up "active rest m's"

    • Indoor rowing 1:17'21 Average heart rate 134 bpm, 11.00 km

      4by1k 3:30r Ave 1:34.0 Drag 145 @33 5k Warm up 2k Cool down

    • Indoor rowing 1:03'29.1 Average heart rate 138 bpm, 12.00 km

      5k Experiment @30 drag 155 5k Warm up 2k Cool down

    • Indoor rowing 2:07'20.8 Average heart rate 133 bpm, 30.00 km

      30k@18 Drag 140 HR Cap 141

    • Indoor rowing 1:21'45 Average heart rate 136 bpm, 11.01 km

      5k warm up 1min on 1min off by 6 - 5min rest and go again - set ave 1:29.2 2k cool down

    • Indoor rowing 1:29'17 Average heart rate 133 bpm, 14.01 km

      5k fletcher warm up Challenge Series 1 Mile 30min cool down

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    • ceci44

      16.5.2014 @ Beowulf

      Hello, I admirer your profile, i am cecile please contact me direct in my private email ok ( yours Cecile.

    • pippyd

      15.7.2012 @ Move 26.5.2012

      Dear god! Out looking for intro concept2 training programs (weight loss/fitness improvement) for beginners, stumbled across your profile. Saw this move.. Thought it was the summary of activity for the week/month at first! :D

    • BetterNextYear

      8.6.2012 @ Move 7.6.2012

      What's next in your competition. Is everything going well for you?

    • mgcsoptom

      29.5.2012 @ Move 26.5.2012

      Monster! Double marathon.

    • BetterNextYear

      22.5.2012 @ Move 21.5.2012

      Looks like you're rocking. Where are you i your competition cycle? I hope it is going well for you.

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      Ambit & t6c/d lovers

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      I changed the name into Ambit & t6d/c lovers. I have used the t6d for years with satisfaction. Now I also have the AMBIT: WOW!


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      Interested and motivated people are now invited to join our group!

      UK Ergers

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      Welcome to the UK Ergers group which is for all indoor rowers based in the UK.

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      Evidence continues to mount underscoring the superiority of HIIT exercise protocols in improving health in a variety of ways. Dr. Jonathan Little at the University of British Columbia has recently shown that HIIT is more effective at lowering high blood sugar for type II diabetics than continuous duration aerobic routines. Dr. Little has shown that 75 minutes of HIIT per week is more effective than 150 minutes weekly of the moderate intensity continuous duration exercise recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Happily, not many of us here need to be concerned with exercising to combat diabetes. But the encouraging implication of Dr. Little’s research may be of interest. Presumably if HIIT lowers blood sugar for full-fledged type II diabetics, it is also superior in lowering blood sugar and combatting metabolic syndrome in non-diabetics. HIIT works.

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