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Male, 59 years
Alpine skiing, Circuit training, Cycling… (+12 more)

Life!!!! Inspire the mind to have a healthy body.

check out this for a move not me but respect to the skills they have ;-)

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      Sometimes about doing an event when you have an injury and managing your race and expectations, it can be just as rewarding as winning. Biathle 1k run 100m swim 1k run, in the cold rain and strong wind in your face, not sure this was a good idea , but went for it, did the race just held back on the run, finished and the leg held out. I think i beat last years time, so happy knowing i can go faster :0) just found out that my time was 13min still faster than last year and still happy ;0)

    • Cycling 1:00'00

      in Chorley, 3 miles done on a hand bike for 2, harder than it looks, and 3 mile on a tandem with a a client who is blind. Her face said it all, It was fantastic and a privilege to be part of it!!!!! what a buzz!!! a 150th move to remember.

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      Hello, I admirer your profile, i am cecile please contact me direct in my private email ok ( yours Cecile.

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      Hey Slug. up for getting back on the fitness wagon?

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      12.2.2013 @ Slug

      Where are you ?

    • MtnLivin

      7.1.2013 @ Move 28.10.2012

      Do tell! Checking out some new kit?

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      Happy new year!!!

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      The new Group I has arrived........... what award are you going for? This will be where the Lepidoptera is judged :) You guys inspired me to do this one!!!

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      Welcome to all new members of Orca Pod. Happy Swimming everyone :-)

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      Evidence continues to mount underscoring the superiority of HIIT exercise protocols in improving health in a variety of ways. Dr. Jonathan Little at the University of British Columbia has recently shown that HIIT is more effective at lowering high blood sugar for type II diabetics than continuous duration aerobic routines. Dr. Little has shown that 75 minutes of HIIT per week is more effective than 150 minutes weekly of the moderate intensity continuous duration exercise recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Happily, not many of us here need to be concerned with exercising to combat diabetes. But the encouraging implication of Dr. Little’s research may be of interest. Presumably if HIIT lowers blood sugar for full-fledged type II diabetics, it is also superior in lowering blood sugar and combatting metabolic syndrome in non-diabetics. HIIT works.

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