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  • 21.7.2013
    • Mountaineering 13:28'34.6 Average heart rate 125 bpm, 20.13 km
      Ascent from Hammersbach via Alpspitze via Ferrata to Alpspitze 2628m and descent via north face back to Hammersbach.
    • Mountaineering 7:09'45.8 Average heart rate 134 bpm, 10.19 km
      Climbing from Höllentalangerhütte 1381m through Höllental via Ferrata and crossing Höllentalferner glacier to the summit of Zugspitze 2962m. GPS data seems to be a mess...
    • Mountaineering 12:14'15.6 Average heart rate 115 bpm, 15.21 km
      Mountaineering from Erzherzog Johann Hütte (3454m) classic route via Bahnhof (3560m) and through Glocknerleitl to Sattele (3680m) and over Kleinglockner (3783m) to Großglockner (3798m) summit. Descending all the way classic route from Großglockner (3798m) over Kleinglockner (3783m) to Sattele (3680m) and through Glocknerleitl to Bahnhof (3560m) and to Erzherzog Johann Hütte (3454m), then down to Ködnizkees glacier and crossing it to Stüdlhütte (2802m) and via Lucknerhütte (2242m) to Lucknerhaus (1924m).

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