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  • 8.12.2014
    • Running 0:29'41 Average heart rate 175 bpm, 6.70 km
      Boooom Clap....the sound of my heart....goes..On and On and On and On...till I met the chasing dogs...and then I stopped... Glad about the dawgs man....Phew...Getting there...slowly and steadily.....
    • Trail running 5:16'56.8 Average heart rate 149 bpm, 35.88 km
      Northface 50km. My Epic longest trail run,...with absolutely no strength based training prior, and after a 2 week hiatus of Zilch exercise, after the disastrous ironman langkawi. Decided to stick the tried and tested Nahoko & Brett Alliance of 5 min run 1 min walk strategy.and it worked almost flawlessly for the first 18km but after I had to detour back to pass plasters,my attempts to catch back to the duo failed as I was spiking my HR and my dehydration levels were shooting back up, as I had limited salt supplies I decided to be cautious and cut back the run intensity. fatigue set in, and I could barely push forth as I accidentally even missed the 14km loop to mandai.mind wanted to detour back for at least to find back the turning point but legs were too trashed and honestly I hadn't actually signed up for this for me to kill myself for....So decided to wait for the rest of FRC Running teammates instead.The Stomache sloshing was back, but this time I was very much aware of the dehydration and parched tongue syndrome as I consciously drank lots more,till the pee was eventually clear....Takeaway: up the salt intake and time the nutrition with clockwork precision. Heck, I might even attempt to do this proper next year with a proper time goal..Errrmm...Sub 6:30 perhaps. Definitely do able though.....
    • Trail running 9:33'32.3 Average heart rate 111 bpm, 20.92 km
      My first rodeo into the Trail Running foray,...did'n't meet cutoff time though, as I vouched to follow HappyJap instead of runnning myself as this wasn't my A race...Took it as an initiation into trail running and Legs are still destroyed after more than 48 hrs after completion....7 hrs cutoff for a 21km does seem generous only on paper but the sheer difficulty of the terrain means it's extremely challenging even for seasoned personnel. might attempt this again simply becoz I know I might be able to do this...next time
  • 6.8.2014
    • Cycling 1:59'26.7 Average heart rate 149 bpm, 64.12 km
      R2W (extended version with FarMart Hill ) Today was definitely a memorable day,...as some time back,...I was dropped by Anza whom I met exactly at the traffic stop at Mandai,I kept pace with them till the beginning of neo tiew in which I was dropped and simply couldn't even hold on to their steady state pace of 32-35.......TODAY I met them again,...and this time there simply wasn't any one dropping me....I had a goal of holding on till the end of LCK stretch in which I will breakaway to head to wards Tengah AIR Base and complete a loop of far mart.... at times I was even in front due to my poor braking power and got scolded for having a tri bike out in front...kekeke...guess I finally leveled up.....ALAS....and now to work on going another level up to where the money's at.....The Elite amateur level.Time will tell,....watch this space.

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