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Female, 50 years, Vuorela, Finland
Circuit training, Crosstrainer, Cycling… (+9 more)

Objective for 2012 was to run 10 km without walking and that I completed. Since July 2012 I have struggled with problems in my hip and haven't been able to run at all. 2013 gentle sports is in the cards: swimming and pilates. Cross country skiing is under consideration. Race objectives for 2013 will probably be related to open water swimming. Let's hope I get to run again although currently not very hopeful.

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    • Triathlon 0:58'10.8 Average heart rate 96 bpm, 13.30 km

      Helsinki city triathlon today. My first ever. Great experience! I couldn't run due to my back so walked-limped-jogged the 3km. With healthy back and better cycling skills i can do much better. But it was great, great, great! Unfortunately my belt did not communicate with T6 at all except the waiting time before the swim started so you can guess that average HR 96 has nothing to do with the reality. My official time 56min 58 seconds. Very happy with my time!

    • Powergirls before the race

      Photo by SariKooKoo


      Photo by SariKooKoo



      Start of the Helsinki City Triathlon

      Photo by SariKooKoo
    • Running 1:11'43.2 Average heart rate 152 bpm, 10.00 km

      My first running race ever. Foot pod showed 9,94, the route was supposedly 10km, so changed it here. Quite tired but probably could have run faster if the run hadn't been so crowded. But I was warned about this that it is not really a run where you run one's records. Fun it was, 18.000 women running around Helsinki. The facebook page of the event:

    • Running 0:12'10.2 Average heart rate 161 bpm, 1.94 km

      Cooper's test. Official result 1940 metres, shame that i can't calibrate the footpod. Location Kaisaniemen puisto, organizer

    • Trekking 1:54'06.4 Average heart rate 81 bpm

      Walking on glacier in Iceland. Started raining heavily. Odd experience.