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Female, 51 years, Moskova, Venäjä
Aerobics, Alpine skiing, Crosscountry skiing… (+12 more)

I love outdoors, horses, the sea! Work is tough so one needs to be fit. I have found my way to the Moscow racetrack - Hippodrom. Try to get there twice a week which means early starts for the day - but it 's great. Running in the Gorky Park, also before work. In the winter it's ice skating + intense season of the broomball league. Summer holidays bring the kayaking at the Baltic Sea along :)

  • 19 Moves

    22:14 h

    159.2 km

    6071 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Running 1:28'21.3 Average heart rate 153 bpm, 15.05 km

      Morning jog in the Gorky park.

    • Running 1:30'55.5 Average heart rate 157 bpm, 16.03 km

      So happy with this run! The longest I've ever run. My muscles & breathing worked well but I felt some pain in ankles & knees in the end.

    • Not specified sport 2:02'25.5 Average heart rate 137 bpm

      Broomball finals against Chicks with the Sticks (Canada). The game ended 1-1. During extra time the Canadians managed to score and it was sudden death. SIlver is not too bad. Lots of running, ice was not slippery. Rink at Dinamo was bigger than our usual playing field at the German Embassy.

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    • BarbaraP

      9.9.2015 @ Move 9.9.2015

      Great run Päivi! Terveisiä Varsovasta!

    • PL_Paivi

      5.9.2015 @ Move 5.9.2015

      It was not even a competition but running in a group makes one compete. It was fun!

    • BarbaraP

      16.6.2015 @ Move 15.6.2015

      Päivi, sinä olet tosi kova nainen ja huippukunnossa:-) Hieno juoksu! Onneksi olkoon!

      • PL_Paivi


        Basia, kiitos! Luen näitä huutoja vähän huonosti nykyisin. Nyt taas mökillä ja melontakausi menossa. Kivaa, mutta vähän viileää. Sinäkin olet pitänyt kunnostasi hyvää huolta. Ovatko molemmat tytöt Edinburghissa? Leevi on Brightonissa.

    • BarbaraP

      23.9.2014 @ Move 23.9.2014

      Paivi, jesteś w świetnej formie, aż miło patrzeć! Jak Ci służy nowy super zegarek? Pozdrawiam z Warszawy:)

    • BarbaraP

      1.7.2014 @ Move 30.6.2014

      Piękny bieg Paivi. Młodniejesz w oczach:) Oikein hyvää loma!

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      June is pritty wet here in the Great Britain! Lots of preperation for the Olympics going on! Have u got tickets? Or will you be watching?

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      Hoi Hops!

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