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Male, 56 years, Lincoln, New Zealand
Cycling, Indoor cycling

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    • SpikeA

      5.4.2011 @ Move 16.3.2011

      Go Steve !

      Good luck with it !

      R u still on track?

      • sdean58


        Had a run yesterday and felt good and no real pain so all looks good. Will try a longer run on Sunday and that will be a good tester

    • SpikeA

      25.3.2011 @ Move 16.3.2011

      what is al this running ? can it be true? Cheers Spike

      • sdean58


        Ha Ha...yes a new way to inflict pain on my body. Hoping to run a local event of 15k on 1st May. If that goes well maybe half marathon in June:)

    • SpikeA

      22.2.2011 @ sdean58

      Hey did you go with the earthquake ? Looks pretty close to yopur home?

      Cheers Spike

    • SpikeA

      3.1.2011 @ sdean58

      Don and I are coming over for a Waimak practice 15th Jan...we should try and catch up Sat evening if you are available as we are flying in Friday pm and flying out on Sunday ?

      • sdean58


        That is fine for me. Just let me know the details of when and where and I can meet you.

    • SpikeA

      2.1.2011 @ sdean58

      4hrs ! You will clean up at Blenheim if you carry on like this..

      • sdean58


        I wish.....Feeling good though rest day today but riding the 75K cust circuit tomorrow with mates so looking forward to that.

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    • New Zealand Roading Cycling

      6 members

      I'm pretty sure there's about 3 people in NZ who run the Sunnto software so it's a very excusive group.


      3608 members

      Great to have you in this group, have a nice ride with your bikes!

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