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Male, 53 years, Lancaster, United States
Boxing, Circuit training, Crosstrainer… (+11 more)

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    • Walking 0:25'13 Average heart rate 120 bpm

      Not much as far as moves go but a big goal met after a month off. Seeing Dr. next Tuesday but started some light rehab today. Light walk on the treadmill. 6% and 3mph. Happy New Years!!!!!!

    • Running 0:31'04.5 Average heart rate 161 bpm

      My best run. Took heart rate up and kept it there. On treadmill :( but happy with this one!

    • Running 0:46'04.9 Average heart rate 151 bpm

      Best run since I've started back! Hit 300 for 20 reps on squat this am! Great fitness day!

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    • Ambit & t6c/d lovers

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      I changed the name into Ambit & t6d/c lovers. I have used the t6d for years with satisfaction. Now I also have the AMBIT: WOW!

      Suunto Team USA

      1518 members

      May is an awesome month! Get out an rock some moves!


      56 members

      I didn't see a KB training group, so created one. . . All are welcome! (And if another group already exists, please let us know)


      1661 members

      Please note: this is not an official support forum for Suunto watches or services, and currently this group is not actively monitored. You can get more information about Suunto products from - especially from Questions&Answers section in product pages. If you have any issues with our products&services, please contact our Contact Center for detailed support. Thank you!

    • Martial Arts

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      Check this for inspiration:

      In my Forties and trying

      151 members

      The rain and flood has gone . Now its time to catch up and make some ground on you guys

      Teachers' high

      3 members

      No leader messages.

      Fatboy slim

      63 members

      No leader messages.

    • Cheetah

      11 members

      The status of membership for this group is OPEN.

      you have only 1 life

      22 members

      Why am I never happy with the thing I do. I see what I have done, end its not enough. It looks that I have a long journey ahead of me. I prefer to die trying than just dream what it could it been.

      Fightin' Forty

      5 members



      131 members

      The World groups are the best groups with monthly virtual competition reports for their official members.

    • High Intensity Training

      11 members

      Train like there´s no tomorrow!

      pushing past 50

      3 members

      After 14 months of health problems that compromised my ability to exercise and even to stand, I am now doing great. BillD

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