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Male, 34 years
Aerobics, Boxing, Circuit training… (+16 more)

Into cycling, kettlebell sport, and indoor rowing. Functional training specialist and amateur athlete.

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    • Indoor rowing 1:33'39.3 Average heart rate 137 bpm, 11.70 km

      September Online Race Night Series. Three rounds: 30' / 1' / 1'. 30 mins: 7613m / 1:58.2 avg (PB) 1 min round 1: 298m / 1:40.6 avg 1 min round 2: 313m / 1:35.8 avg (PB) Very hard!

    • Indoor rowing 1:33'40.7 Average heart rate 151 bpm, 18.00 km

      A direct replication of this workout from September 2011: Noticeable improvement; TE 3.5 versus 4.2, and heart rate about 10bpm lower on all intervals. Peak EPOC only 86ml/kg versus 109ml/kg. 15 x 1000m @ 2:00 pace, except last interval completed faster in 3m45s. Precisely 60s rest between intervals. Hard, but noticeably MUCH easier this time!

    • Indoor rowing 1:30'45.6 Average heart rate 153 bpm, 15.00 km

      15 * 1000m intervals all at precisely 2:00/500m pace with exactly 60 seconds rest between intervals. Tough (particularly last few), but felt great, very solid. Hammered in a extremely hard interval in 3:45.6 at end to finish off :-)

    • Weight training 1:59'53.3 Average heart rate 146 bpm

      Day 30. FINAL session - number 40 - of my July 25,000 swing kettlebell challenge. A massive session to finish off this challenge - totalled over 2,000 single arm swings to leave me on a grand total of 31,350 for the month of July. From around 57 mins to 1 hour 29 mins did 8 sets of 80 swings with around 60-90 seconds rest between sets - extremely tough indeed, but this got me to 1600. Final set of 150 at end! 24kg single arms swings completed: 2050.

    • Crosstrainer 1:03'12.1 Average heart rate 163 bpm

      My magical 100th move on Movescount! After feeling kind of lethargic last few days, felt awesome today. Completely in the zone and felt unstoppable. Massively tough workout, but still felt like I had spare capacity left. 1 hour on Stairmaster, level 11, cardio program, wearing my weighted vest loaded up with 15kg. Last 15 minutes were very challenging. Finally hit TE 5.0, and in just a smidgeon over 1 hour!

    • Running 0:33'05.1 Average heart rate 171 bpm, 6.07 km

      Run through Chopwell wood with weighted vest loaded with 5kg.

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