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Circuit training, Cycling, Mountain biking… (+5 more)

Certified triathlon coach, mixing Zen principles with training to turn people into athletes!

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    • Openwater swimming 1:46'15.1, 3.96 km

      Double crossing of Lake Bryan, all butterfly! Yes, ALL BUTTERFLY! Super cool. :) Took very short breaks every 8 minutes or so. Also started, finished, and got out on other side on dry land. Time includes about 5 minutes of standing on dry land on far side while talking with Jessie and Kai, and time walking in and out of water on sharp rocks. Also, path is all crazy because of water messing with GPS signal. I measured path on Google Maps and it was 2.46 miles.

    • Pool swimming 4:55'20.1, 16.50 km

      PERFECT FUELING! 3 scoops of maltodextrin per hour. Also, 3 servings of Hornet Juice, some sea salt, and one caffeine pill spread out over the 5 hours. Supplimented with Perpetuem solids on rare occasion in case I wasn't feeling super strong. NO OILS!

    • Pool swimming 4:59'56, 17.56 km

      19,200 meter swim (5 hours) at TAMU pool. 3 scoop of carbo pro and .25 teaspoon of sea salt per hour, 3 packets of hornet juice, and two squirts of flax oil as my mixture. Stopped for a sip every 20 minutes. Fueling worked GREAT. Link to workout stats here -

    • Pool swimming 4:00'40, 14.16 km

      4 hour swim, 8.8 miles, 15,150 yards. Chlorine induced asthma kicked in at two hours. Started feeling sick to stomach at 3.5 hours. Fuel - olive and flax oil (don't do that again!), Odwalla superfood juice, Carbo Pro, and Hornet Juice.

    • Cycling 4:00'00.5 Average heart rate 129 bpm, 124.2 km

      Wow! Perfect fueling leads to great performances! This is all zone 2 as well. 2.5 scoops carbo pro and 1 scoop gatorade powder per hour with some sea salt sprinkled in.