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Male, 48 years, Modica, Italia
Running, Trekking


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      consegna da parte di Fulvio massini. Test su 3000

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      “Come raggiungere un traguardo? Senza fretta ma senza sosta.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

      Amici per lo sport! ITALIA

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      Buona Immacolata a tutti!

      Helsinki meeting 2010

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      Group for invited Launch event people on 10.5. in Helsinki


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      Hi Everyone. What a day for all those who did IRONMAN SOUTH AFRICA. It sounds like the new bike route made a great change of scenery and in true PE fashion the wind reared its ugly head. So to those who felt a little disappointed with slower times, don’t be. The UCI MTB world cup was held at PMB at the week-end, with local downhill hero Greg Minaar making the podiums last step. There are two weeks to Tour Durban. So to the Durban locals I hope you are going to take advantage of the full road closure and take a tour of Durban. For those upcountry people, you welcome to join the fun. Until later Crusty Guy.


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      Y a t'il un membre plus actif pour prendre la place du leader ?

    • Norway

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      Nå også med stedplassering og riktige farger i flagget :)

      Suunto Team USA

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      May is an awesome month! Get out an rock some moves!

      Where is the limit?

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      Welcome to the Where is the limit? Mafia!!! :-)

      Fourth Element & Suunto Diving UK -Malta Trip 2011

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      Hope you all had a great time - now you just need to keep logging those moves - Thanks, Ryan

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