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Male, 63 years, Santa Cruz, United States
Alpine skiing, Running, Trail running… (+5 more)

I live to be out on the trails challenging my limits to find what I'm capable of. I'm currently rebuilding after months off from foot surgery. The journey back is challenging and another learning experience. Life without adversity is to live in mediocrity.

  • 24 Moves

    20:34 h

    73.24 km

    6908 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Trail running 3:34'09.4 Average heart rate 141 bpm, 29.74 km

      Added U-Con trial to my usual route at Wilder. had a great run up through the upper end of UCSC then into Wilder ranch. Felt relaxed and kept my pace up and enjoyed the surroundings. Legs started cramping the last 2 mi so had to back it off. Pleased with overall pace. Now time to taper for next Sat.

    • Trail running 6:03'46.4 Average heart rate 121 bpm, 42.17 km

      Well... it wasn't pretty. I made a last minute decision run after another week of a cold relapse. I felt good enough to run and wasn't going to let my 1st marathon get away. I started out good & strong but by Two Harbors my body told me I was going to pull back and my breathing became a limitation. Definitely a good experience in learning my body and running. I am glad I did it and made the accomplishment. Now it's time to get back to health and focus on the net one. I'll do this one again...

    • Trail running 3:49'36.7 Average heart rate 141 bpm, 29.70 km

      Placed 14 out of 30, 1st in my agre group. The courese was a nice challenge with 2 river crossings. The last minute course changes added2k ft evelation change. After less than 2 yrs of running it feels good knowing I was the most senior runner in the race and placed in the middle of the standings. Overall I felt good. The last 4 mi after the river crossing was tougher than I expected.

    • Trail running 2:35'39.7 Average heart rate 141 bpm, 19.96 km

      Ran the second leg of the Pacifica 30K. After breaking a hard sweat the cool temp and winds kept it very cold. The jacket came in handy. I felt much more comfortable after dialing back the H2O and gel a bit. I'll be looking at 4 hrs+ for the 30K next weekend.

    • Trail running 4:19'55.4 Average heart rate 155 bpm, 30.00 km

      Total ascent 4468ft. HR battery died about 30 min in. Weather was cold and wet! I seem to have an affinity for races in the rain. The course is great. Lots of technical single track with great views of the coast from Montera Peak. Downhill from Motera Pk was challenging and fun. The second loop on Hazelnut trail was a killer. I feel good having accomplished a 30k at my age and after 15 mo of running. Nice to know I can do what the Dr's said I can't! I'm still looking for the limit.

    • Trail running 3:15'09.4 Average heart rate 142 bpm, 25.86 km

      Wilder Ranch Loop & Long Meadow Loop - A rather cool Sun AM workout to test the suppliments. Felt considerably better than the last time which was only an electrolyte & a little gel. Working to a 30k on Jan 22nd.

    • Trail running 0:53'17.4 Average heart rate 156 bpm, 6.27 km

      This is definetly the toughest run so far. It's all uphill from start to finish. My goals going in were to finish under an hour and run (jog) the entire run. So I feel good I did both. The last half mile was a mental challenge. I wasn't familiar with the course and when nearing the top I kept expecting to come up over the ridge and then enjoy a short downhill to the finish. Who ever laid out the course is sadistic as the finish was an increasing uphill climb. Even tossed the breakfast! =}

    • Trail running 3:05'54.4 Average heart rate 142 bpm, 24.15 km

      Had a nice run today, Henry Cowell to Wilder Ranch. My longest so far. Lot's of tourists, horses, bikers & hikers. I met the only other trail runner taking the same course but heading back, 30 miles. Very impressive! Nice conversation. Elevation change 1184 ft

    • Trail running 2:18'34 Average heart rate 149 bpm, 21.08 km

      Garrett joined me for my first half marathoin which turned out to be a major mud run. Heavy rain from start to finish kept the pace down. But it still feels good to have made it! Nothing feels better than crossing the finish line! Nisene Marks in the rain IS Jurasic Park. I'd definetly do this one again. Total ascent - 1840 ft. Pace - 0:10'35/mi, much better than expected. Placed 88/155, not too bad for my first and 12th most vintage runner. =}

    • Trail running 1:44'59.5 Average heart rate 159 bpm, 15.06 km

      Elevation change - 1150 ft, total ascent - 2038 ft PR - First TE 5.0. After 7 mo training I'm feeling stronger and more confident. Learning how to relax through the pain. Posture and form are making a difference. Pace = 11:07 / mi

    • Trekking 2:01'24.4 Average heart rate 137 bpm, 10.97 km

      Snowshoes - half trails, half xcountry. Note to self: change interval setting to 0.2 mi for longer than 5mi. TE was 4.5 before 5 mi mark

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