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Male, 41 years, Tehran, Iran
Alpine skiing, Circuit training, Indoor cycling… (+9 more)

I'm a paintball player. I proudly play 4 Datis. We are in training session. I'm also a Go Kart driver. I love extreme sports such as alpine skiing. I'm addicted to running both in door and out door. I love to run in the mountains in north of Tehran. but after all, I luv paintball the most :) مهم اینه که ما کم، نمی‌آریم

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    • feelove

      19.6.2014 @ shatobery

      Hello, How are you today? I wish you the best of season My name is Kosy, i will like us to become friends to discuss important issues. write me with this email address Hope to hear from you take care, Kosy

    • SabaG

      11.4.2014 @ shatobery

      long time no updateee.... hiiiiiiiiiii

    • KnightBoy

      12.10.2012 @ shatobery

      Where are you Shatobery? Move move move move... Regards, KnightBoy

    • mahyar3

      4.2.2012 @ shatobery

      alan vared mikonam :D

    • shatobery

      4.2.2012 @ Move 4.2.2012

      به نظرم می‌آد که فوت‍پادم کالیبره نیست. نمی‌دونم چه باید بکنم در موردش؟

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      جالبه کلو‍پ ایرانی‌هامون هم داره جزو گروه‌های پر طرفدار توی این سایت می‌شه :) البته هنوز با گروه آمریکایی‌ها، فرانسوی‌ها و اسپانیایی‌ها که بیش از ۳۰۰ عضو دارن خیلی فاصله هست.

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      I changed the name into Ambit & t6d/c lovers. I have used the t6d for years with satisfaction. Now I also have the AMBIT: WOW!

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