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Male, 33 years, Barcelona, España
Alpine skiing, Gymnastics, Pool swimming… (+4 more)

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      The wait it over ... at least temporary. Suunto released the Movescount Android App on the 4th of May 2015 and labeled it as "open beta". That means, after a few short tests, that a few (many) functions do not work properly, e.g. notifications. Sunnto said they will debug with frequent updates in the next few weeks. Even if a few things don't work, please support the Suunto development team with constructive input. Anyway please join this group to show Suunto how big the Android user community on Movescount is. Please share on all social media channels to make this group as strong as it really is! ** UPDATE 05.05.2015: Suunto created an extra Website for the Android beta app with tips news and feature list:


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