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Male, 43 years, Bonn, Germany
Alpine skiing, Badminton, Cross-country skiing… (+11 more)

I'm an amateur runner since mid 2013, participated in a couple of events. My personal bests: M 4h04'18, HM 1h37'48, 15k 1h08'56, 10k 45'29, 5k 21'54, 3k 12'58, 1k 3'47, Cooper 2790m. I'm a big fun of other sports as well: roller-blading,skiing,snowboarding,cycling,yachting,hiking,ice-skating,badminton. Plan for 2016: first marathon race.

  • 4 Moves

    6:42 h

    50.96 km

    3895 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Running 1:38'23.2 Average heart rate 90 bpm, 21.10 km

      2. Cracovia Half Marathon New PR at HM distance! official time 1h38'18!

    • Running 0:37'37.7 Average heart rate 166 bpm, 7.01 km

      Jet-leg run at 6am

    • Running 0:48'04.3 Average heart rate 173 bpm, 10.13 km

      Krakowski Bieg Swietlikow (lato 2014) - 10k - 47'22

    • Running 0:49'27 Average heart rate 189 bpm, 10.09 km

      X Krakowski Bieg Sylwestrowy - Radosna Dziesiątka (The 10th Cracow's New Year's Eve Run - The Happy 10k). My net time: 00:48:57, my official gross time: 00:49:11. Place 439 (out of ~1750) and 86th in M40 category (men 40-50yo). Given the fact that I have a mild cold, and that I was thinking from 4th km till the end about switching to walking - the result is not that bad ;-)

    • Running 1:01'43.6 Average heart rate 171 bpm, 10.19 km

      I Krakowski Bieg Swietlikow (The First Cracow's Run of Glow-Warms :-) My result: 48'21 on 9.84km. This gave me 177th place (within about 1000 participants) and 100th place in M2 category (Men 70-90kg). Everyone had to have some illumination - the crowd running along the Vistula river looked great! (on the full 10k I would have 48'59! while my target was to be below 50'00).

    • Snowboarding 4:39'32.9 Average heart rate 112 bpm, 51.19 km

      Zieleniec, PL - rather small slope, but quite nice - esp. for the first runs in a season. I did 37 runs over 5h (incl 21min break for a beer).

    • Running 1:41'30.7 Average heart rate 165 bpm, 16.58 km

      3 loops + a bit on the route of Krakowski Bieg Swietlikow (which is just 2 loops along Vistula River). Results: 1) 15k - 1:22'37.2 2) 10k - 54'32.2 3) Krakowski Bieg Swietlikow (9.5k) 51'44.5

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      "It's always further than it looks. It's always taller than it looks. And it's always harder than it looks." - The 3 rules of mountaineering

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      Ein sonniges Hallo an alle Mitglieder ! Nun sind wir schon über 100, toll. Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß beim Training. Sportliche Grüsse aus dem Rhein-Main-Gebiet

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