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Female, 44 years, Port Moody, Canada
Pool swimming, Walking

I started swimming six days a week on August 1st, 2010. I've lost 36 pounds from August 1 - Nov 19.

My times for lap pace 50 meters fly base (dolphin body with BS arms) is 60 seconds. My goal is 50M 50sc Breaststroke, and 50M 40sc Fly by next July.

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    • Pool swimming 1:38'26 Average heart rate 132 bpm, 1.60 km

      Nice workout. Powered through 1600M of breaststroke, Fly foundation and a few lanes of fly. MAJOR breakthrough: learned to separate out shoulder blades to leave hands high with high elbows, when diving breastbone down. Faster more powerful hands, not loosing position in water, easy fly arms!

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    • Pool swimming 1:07'21 Average heart rate 131 bpm, 1.00 km

      45Minute 1K Butterfly workout. 100M dolphin kick breaststroke for warmup 400M 1/2 butterfly & 1/2 breaststroke 25M lanes 100M dolphin with snorkel 200M head-lead back dolphin (surface) 200M slow and deep breaststroke with long glides for cool-down

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    • manuelbustelo

      2.4.2013 @ bcurk

      Greetings from Andorra! Follow back?

    • snowboardette

      16.1.2013 @ Move 18.11.2010

      I hope one day when i grow up I can mirror this achievement...I am a lousy swimmer but I made a commitment to commit to learning to improve. All the local Masters Swim clubs won't let me in (too much a newbie--too slow I guess...) but I will persevere...Breaststroke and Fly. Love it!Feel free to send me any tips on any aspect of your swim training--I know nothing but am open to everything! Cheers!

      • Swimmeri


        Are you already reached to a swimgroup? You have receivedany tips? As I understand bcurk is not actively use Moveslink no longer. It would be nice to hear how she will go. What is your swiming-level? I could give you a few tips if you want to? :)

    • Swimmeri

      1.12.2010 @ bcurk

      Hi,bcurk! Are you OK? No moves to 5 days!

      • bcurk


        Hi Swimmeri, thank you for asking! Yes I'm ok, I stopped wearing my belt because it keeps coming off and giving me whacky readings, I'm starting to swim really fast now... I guess that's a good thing.. any how will be putting in workouts manually instead until I can get a new suit as IronMartijn suggested! I also took 3 days off swimming... am swimming much better now that I'm back, I really needed the break!

    • IronMartijn

      26.11.2010 @ bcurk

      60 hour's of swimming girl wooot ! If you wear the belt under tight swimwear , like for me a wetsuit, the recordings are fine

      happy swimming !

      • bcurk


        Thanks! I'll try some tighter swimwear and see if that fixes the problem...

    • jiribohm

      23.11.2010 @ bcurk

      Hi, it happens sometimes to me, that in the log of my memory belt are some low peaks in heart rate see move847355 do you have some experience with this? Thank you for your answer :)

      • bcurk


        No prob... yes, it happens often to me if I'm sprinting, the belt pulls away from my skin and stops recording. Also sometimes if I'm resting at the end of the pool, it will suddenly disconnect (I can hear it when I go under water to regulate my breathing). I've had it go as low as 34 and I thought my heart was broken...

      • ma2ac


        I think that a low HR is a consecuence of apnea if suunto MBelt was working well, but often it doesn't happen just due to electrical interferences, low battery or for the reason bcurk has pointed out: the suunto sensors lose skin contact in water.

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