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Female, 44 years, Port Moody, Canada
Pool swimming, Walking

I started swimming six days a week on August 1st, 2010. I've lost 36 pounds from August 1 - Nov 19.

My times for lap pace 50 meters fly base (dolphin body with BS arms) is 60 seconds. My goal is 50M 50sc Breaststroke, and 50M 40sc Fly by next July.

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    • Pool swimming 1:38'26 Average heart rate 132 bpm, 1.60 km

      Nice workout. Powered through 1600M of breaststroke, Fly foundation and a few lanes of fly. MAJOR breakthrough: learned to separate out shoulder blades to leave hands high with high elbows, when diving breastbone down. Faster more powerful hands, not loosing position in water, easy fly arms!

    • Pool swimming 1:07'21 Average heart rate 131 bpm, 1.00 km

      45Minute 1K Butterfly workout. 100M dolphin kick breaststroke for warmup 400M 1/2 butterfly & 1/2 breaststroke 25M lanes 100M dolphin with snorkel 200M head-lead back dolphin (surface) 200M slow and deep breaststroke with long glides for cool-down

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