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  • 18.11.2010
    • Pool swimming 1:38'26 Average heart rate 132 bpm, 1.60 km
      Nice workout. Powered through 1600M of breaststroke, Fly foundation and a few lanes of fly. MAJOR breakthrough: learned to separate out shoulder blades to leave hands high with high elbows, when diving breastbone down. Faster more powerful hands, not loosing position in water, easy fly arms!
    • Pool swimming 1:07'21 Average heart rate 131 bpm, 1.00 km
      45Minute 1K Butterfly workout. 100M dolphin kick breaststroke for warmup 400M 1/2 butterfly & 1/2 breaststroke 25M lanes 100M dolphin with snorkel 200M head-lead back dolphin (surface) 200M slow and deep breaststroke with long glides for cool-down

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