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Male, 38 years, Niagara Falls, Canada
Circuit training, Cycling, Mountain biking… (+3 more)

These days I am mostly a runner, spending as much time amongst the trees and dirt as possible. In 2014 I will be focused on building up to the 100 Mile distance with a few of the TNF ECS 50M races, and then the Superior 100 Mile in MN in Sept. I am also a 5 Peaks Trail Series Ambassador for Southern Ontario, so I will be trying to pick up the pace at those races! Check out my website ( for all the gory details.

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    11:46 h

    103.9 km

    8077 kcal

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      Anyone have a race coming up? Don't forget to use to find one near you!!!

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      See above link for the announcement from Suunto in response to the feedback they have received. Join this group to let Suunto know what you think. For people thinking about the Suunto Ambit 2 review or Suunto Ambit 2S review, the experiences of Ambit 1 owners may be relevant for you.

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