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  • 2.11.2013
    • Trail running 5:52'58.1 Average heart rate 166 bpm, 49.89 km
      TARC Fall Classic 50k at Great Brook State Forest today. Everything went pretty much according to plan. Had some minor knee issues. Noticed that the running tights were making my knees hurt for some reason. stripped them off in the woods and they felt better. (downed some Advil and that helped too.) Everything went according to plan nutrition and energy-wise. Had some mental battles going on in the 18-24 mile range, but got through it ok. Lots of friends. Rode up with Mark Brown.
    • Trail running 5:58'24.8 Average heart rate 158 bpm, 48.37 km
      awesome long run today! went to bed last night determined to hit 30 miles, figuring I'm in trouble for Stone Cat if I can't do it. Parked at Edmands. Ran the first 7 alone, then met up with Katya, Suzanna, Rich and Andrea. Ran mostly with Andrea for the 12 mile loop. Then back to Edmands to "Hammer Up!" (perpetuem as well as 3 endurolytes and 3 ibuprofens) I took a couple of gels in the early stages as well.

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