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Male, 34 years, Most pri Bratislave, Slovakia
Cycling, Mountain biking, Running… (+1 more)

The bike will save the world

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    32:49 h

    831.7 km

    19314 kcal

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      Cycling, Training. marekside

      Shows live grade of the hill in degrees [%] based on vertical speed and speed measurement. I took the "Hill grade live" app from kemetter and introduced: - a sanity check for "division per 0" error - suunto.abs operation in order to not have negative numbers downhill

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      GPS Lat/Long v2.0

      Sailing, Guidance. pkorpela

      This is an updated version of GPS LAT/LONG V1.0. This simple application is meant for tracking Your location during a Sailing or GeoCaching Move. It shows Your GPS Lat. / Long. coordinates in DD.MM.MM format. Display is rotating from "Lat: DD.MM" to "Lat: MM.MM" to "Long: DD.MM" to "Long: MM.MM" back to "Lat: DD.MM" Changes to previous version: application reacts to poor/lost GPS signal, GPS format is now more common DD:MM.MM Comments and improvement ideas are welcomed. NOTE: Suunto test environment is lacking 2 decimals in dd.ddDD which then has impact to apllication dd.mmMM display.

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      Training. Anonymous
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