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Male, 32 years, Allinges, France
Adventure racing, Alpine skiing, Climbing… (+7 more)

Le sport et la compétition m’animent, me font avancer et me font rêver.

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      Meilleurs vœux à tous !!! Enjoy et GO FAST !!!


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      C'est quoi le prochain objectif ? September 13 winners : Lexel (47h25) / MangeurDeCailloux (35h52) / GaetanoBianchi (32h41) August 13 Winners : Doune (59h56 with UTMB !!) / RunningSolidaire (54h58) / Lexel (46h28) July 13 Winners : RunningSolidaire (87h57) / Vinrouxh (44h51) / Emma422 (41h59) June 13 Winners : doune (57h24) / RunningSolidaire (41h18) / GaetanoBianchi (39h09) May 13 Winners : RunMyGeek (42h59) / GaetanoBianchi (37h47) / Running Solidaire (35h33) April 13 Winners : Bertrouche (50h41) / RunningSolidaire (37h18) / Vinrouxh (35h) March 13 Winners : RunMyGeek (41h44') / Bertrouche (38h56) / Doune (37h06)


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      Y a t'il un membre plus actif pour prendre la place du leader ?

      Haute Savoie

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      Bienvenue à tous.....

    • Rhône-Alpes

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      Groupe créé pour un éventuel projet de compétition inter-régions de France, alors si vous êtes de cette région, devenez membre.

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    • 15 Apps

    • Vspd (60s)

      Training. SiRoB1

      Calculate vertical speed for the last 1min straight climb/down. Exercise don't need to be started. The altitude changes due to calibration are automatically filtered. Fixed spike effect and corrected abnormal value when FusedAlti recalibrates the altimeter.

      • 5

      Ruffier - Dickson

      Running, Estimate. wanarun

      This app is designed to evaluate the Ruffier Dickson Indexes very easily. Stay Cool until the first beep (1 minute) , then do flexion until the second (45 seconds) and then stay cool for 90 seconds.

      • 5

      Average Vertical Speed last 30s

      Performance. RunningSolidaire

      Gives you your average vertical speed in m/h for the last 30s, not taking into account your descent time if any.

      • 6

      GPS altitude

      Trail running, Training. doune utiliser la variable GPS altitude pour étalonner l'altimètre en course ou avant course ! (fusedalti pour Suunto Ambit)

      • 6
    • Average Vertical Speep Up and Down

      Trail running, Counter. Anonymous

      Affiche la vitesse verticale (asc et desc) moyenne en m/h

      altitude calculated with t and p

      Trail running, Estimate. doune
      • 3

      Vitesse ascensionnelle en m/h

      Ski touring, Training. doune

      Affiche la vitesse verticale en m/h et non en m/min. D'autres applications sont disponibles sur mon blog

      • 3
      • 1

      pente moyenne sur le tour

      Trail running, Training. doune

      affiche la pente moyenne sur le tour en cours.

      • 1
      • 1

      Max speed / vitesse maximale

      Alpine skiing, Performance. doune

      Affiche la vitesse maximale atteinte sur une descente

      • 1
      • 121

      Oxygen level (%)

      Mountaineering, Guidance. radku

      Oxygen level at the given altitude as percentage of maximum at the see level. Formula: (1+H+(H^2)/2+(H^3)/6+(H^4)/24)*100, with H = -ALTITUDE/7990

      • 121
      • 6

      Bike Trainer Power

      Indoor cycling, Training. Hully

      This formula uses the published power formula by Kurt Kinetic to create a power reading in watts to use on the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainer. It is in Kmph.

      • 6

      Vitesse ascensionnelle (m/h)

      Trail running, Training. PALAZZETTI
      • 1

      Current Training Zone

      Training. littleStudent

      This app calculates the current training zone, depending on the MHR, RHR and current Heart Rate

      • 1
      • 131

      Current incline

      Running, Guidance. Movescount

      Want to know the real incline of the hill or mountain you are heading up? Use this App to find out. Set this in one of your custom sport modes and press lap when starting each climb to see your real-time incline.

      • 131
      • 21

      Climb counter

      Trail running, Counter. Movescount

      Climb counter is for running hill sprints. After a couple sprints, it’s easy to lose count. Climb counter keeps track of how many sprints you have done. Just push the lap button once at the top of the first hill. After that, the app will count each sprint and show you the current total count.

      • 21