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Male, 39 years, Bialystok, Poland
Circuit training, Cross-country skiing, Running… (+3 more)

Being fit is like ... living in full. I can't imagine life without physical activities, sweat, exhaustion ... and that incredible feeling just after. I love to compete in tennis. I work hard to improve it as much as possible. I hope to inspire my son to treat sport as big fun for everyday life.

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    • Running 0:51'46 Average heart rate 177 bpm, 10.25 km

      2010-11-06 13:04:05 10 km ZAWODY Falstart. Zly poczatek, za szybki. Z kazdym kilometrem bylo coraz ciężej. Ale dobiegłem i to z finiszem. Ostateczny czas 51:35.

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