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Male, 51 years, Unknown
Basketball, Circuit training, Indoor cycling… (+5 more)

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    1:04 h

    23.36 km

    602 kcal

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    • Squash 1:09'06.3 Average heart rate 159 bpm

      Since 10 months on the squash court again. Pretty tough game and opponent. Difficult to beat. High average HR. Long time in zone 5 (maximum). Loss of 1-5. Next time we better play tennis. See pictures and movies! (thanks to wwwYnand)

    • Thanks_to_Suunto & Wilson

      Photo by MagicMarco1

      Two Yellow dots!


      Location: Amstelveen, The Netherlands

      Photo by wwwYnand!

      Squash racket

      Photo by wwwYnand!
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    • Squash 0:55'42.9 Average heart rate 144 bpm

      Legendary match against DDennis (!!!!). Yes, ladies and gentlemen he surely moved. Played left handed and lost in final set (2-3) with 10-12. Damn. See added movie for highlights and especially see the nice hit at the end...

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    • Walking 2:41'54.3 Average heart rate 76 bpm, 8.08 km

      Lovely walk with family around lake Hennesee in Sauerland. Land of Warsteiner beer ;). Tested my new Suunto Mini Pod (available later this year). Plus total more than the desired 10.000 steps. Check out images!

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    • Walking 2:20'00, 8.50 km

      Walking in Zurich ending more than 12.000 steps. See media and also good to check for nice concept around managing weight by achieving 10.000 steps per day.

    • Diner with Markus in restaurant ?


      We finished in a restaurant. Forgot the name. Here me with Markus. I am the sporty guy. At the left in case you wondered. Local hero Markus at the right. Sorry for the bad picure. Was a lucky shot.

      Photo by MagicMarco1

      Zurich Steps

      Photo by MagicMarco1

      Zurich visit


      Last Friday Afternoon I went for visiting some shops in Zurich with local hero Markus Nanzig. In the meantime he showed me history of the town and more.Great city. Nice culture and history.

      Photo by MagicMarco1
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    • HERVE

      6.6.2014 @ MagicMarco

      Hi Marco, having fun? Just came back from Finland. Hope you are well. Regards, Hervé

    • guyotten

      23.3.2011 @ Move 22.3.2011

      Nice movie and good last hit...

    • MagicMarco

      21.3.2011 @ Move 19.3.2011

      It sure does. New Foot POD: works perfectly! Light, compact, accurate.

    • guyotten

      20.3.2011 @ Move 19.3.2011

      Running has a high impact on the TE. Foot Pod ok?

    • MagicMarco

      15.3.2011 @ Move 12.3.2011

      Thanks for the compliment ManAtWork! Sure it was pure power running. Next time we meet no tennis but I will join your running game.

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      Group for invited Launch event people on 10.5. in Helsinki


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      Feel free to enjoy the group if you're related to the Robijns Company and let's move!.

      SWISS SPORTS ARMY, Switzerland

      45 members

      Spring is here again! Speed up!

      30 members

      Bezoekers van die Movescount van Suunto gebruiken om hun conditie op peil te houden!

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