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Female, 38 years, Hollola, Finland
Basketball, Circuit training, Crosstrainer… (+8 more)

I began dancing when I was 2,5 years and finished it few years ago. Now I am trying to find something to replace it. It might be running or something else…

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    • Running 0:35'58 Average heart rate 181 bpm, 6.50 km

      This was my first running event ever. I did good warm-up before the start and everything went as I planned.

    • Running 0:37'50.7 Average heart rate 162 bpm, 5.61 km

    • Running 0:39'04.7 Average heart rate 152 bpm, 5.50 km

      I tried some HIITs to improve my running speed. I managed to run app 4:25-5min/km speed during the intervals. This felt awful, but gives good vibes afterwards. So I have heard… Still waiting those good vibes.

    • Running 0:28'00.6 Average heart rate 160 bpm, 4.35 km

      How can two legs weight so much????

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    • Smurf17

      4.6.2014 @ AnneH

      Hello ANNEH, sorry for my bad english. One question: I make holiday in Finland /Hollola, and what must I do, when I whant start for Helsinki city Half-Marathon?

      Smurf from saksaa, I hope it´s correct finish.

    • ceci44

      16.5.2014 @ AnneH

      Hello, I admirer your profile, i am cecile please contact me direct in my private email ok ( yours Cecile.

    • ZeeTee

      10.5.2014 @ AnneH

      Hi :) let me share with you some of my most interesting moves I made in Scandinavia they are not epic ones as you can see here but I think you can LIKE them ) This two with pictures from Helsinky/Finland move31268022 and Oslo Norway: move31268027 are really special :) Enjoy! Zee Tee

    • Rowland1979

      26.2.2014 @ Move 19.1.2014

      Tough intervals Anne, well done you))

    • JouniVarpelaide

      22.1.2014 @ Move 19.1.2014

      Siistit intervallit! Täytyy testata tuota matolla seuraavaksi.

      • AnneH


        Kiitos. Yksilölajissa tuskin tulee omaa maalia… :DDD

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      June is pritty wet here in the Great Britain! Lots of preperation for the Olympics going on! Have u got tickets? Or will you be watching?

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