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Female, 38 years, Wädenswil, Switzerland

I’ m sad to say that I returned my Suunto Quest and took Polar RCX5 instead. Luckily I got all my money back. That’s the only thing really worked well :(

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    • manuelbustelo

      18.3.2013 @ sukeltelija

      Greetings from Andorra! Follow back?

    • PedroRosas

      16.5.2012 @ sukeltelija

      Hello... no moves... :( all ok?

      • sukeltelija


        Hi Pedro, thanks for asking! All very well and actually I've done very many moves lately. But I returned my Suunto HRC and bought Polar RCX5 instead. It's awesome! I just had no nerves with this movescount... Do you know this site already: It's lot of fun!

      • PedroRosas


        Great to hear from u! i will check it!

    • NiceJibe

      21.4.2012 @ Move 20.4.2012

      Hei sukeltelija. Terveiset Vaasasta. Täältä lakeuksiltakin on lähdetty sinne alppimaisemiin ja jotkin näköjään vähän pidemmäksikin ajaksi.

    • SMac

      17.4.2012 @ Move 17.4.2012

      Great way to get to work feeling energised for the day! Well done you. Where there's a will there's a way!! ;-)

      • sukeltelija


        Thanks SMac :) Lets hope the will last longer this time. At least the excuses are getting fewer ;)

    • KnightBoy

      16.4.2012 @ sukeltelija

      Hallo sukeltelija, und wilkommen beim Movescount. Ich freue mich dass ich der Erste bin der deine Moves verfolgt und wünsche dir viel Spass mit deine Moves. Viele Grüße, KnightBoy

      • sukeltelija


        Oh so cool! Ich hab einen Fan :D Und gliich en Österriicher, Servus! Ich muss noch lernen, wie dieses Movescount genau funktioniert und natürlich viele Moves sammeln ;)

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