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Male, 58 years
American football, Boxing, Circuit training… (+16 more)

I set myself a goal and chip away at the goal until it is achieved. Life goal is to keep fit. If you aren't going all the way, why go at all, so go hard or go home.

  • 38 Moves

    32:04 h

    199.8 km

    12402 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Running 1:53'11.5 Average heart rate 165 bpm, 21.23 km

      First ever half marathon little sore Completed both goals of finishing and under two hours

    • Running 1:45'00 Average heart rate 146 bpm, 19.20 km

      Treadmill SUUNTO T1C watch

    • Cycling 3:39'13.1 Average heart rate 148 bpm, 100.6 km

      Reached Goal 100Km's

    • Running 1:30'01.4 Average heart rate 155 bpm, 16.75 km

      Longest Continuous Run no stops

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    • oceanpro

      1.1.2015 @ Steve_H

      Happy New Year and best wishes for 2015!

    • oceanpro

      2.1.2014 @ Steve_H

      Happy New Year!

    • oceanpro

      30.12.2013 @ Steve_H

      Best to you on your training goals Steve. Thanks for the follow back.

    • RuthieB

      23.9.2013 @ Steve_H

      Hey Steve! How are things going? I have been absent from MC for a while, but I am back now. How are the ankles going? What are you working towards at the moment?

      • Steve_H


        Still battling with my achilles tendon so no running for a while so all i can do is weights circuits and a liitle bit of cycling so not a lot of cardio very disappointing. Am working towards having my achilles letting me run

    • Yepa

      18.8.2013 @ Steve_H

      Thanks for your message!

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      Have you checked out the new Suunto Ambit3 family of products? Amazing!

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      Go hard or go home

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      The new Group I has arrived........... what award are you going for? This will be where the Lepidoptera is judged :) You guys inspired me to do this one!!!


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      Remember to untick the box above on the left to see only the Reibdeer counting sports :)

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      Any suggestions about running workouts and events are welcome here!

      I exercise to eat

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      So 2014 Is here. Spring is nearly turning to summer in the north and the winter is nearly upon us in the south. For me its that time of year for hearty stews, buttered beans and large slabs of fresh bread with lashings of butter. Would I do another 1 hour on the bicycle for that? You bet! :-) Eat well and exercise often :-)

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      Using heart rates zones is a useful way to control your exercise intensity. But if you need more precise guidance, this is the App for you. This app shows real-time intensity based on your own maximum heart rate. Set it in one of your custom sports modes and let your real-time exercise intensity guide you.

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