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Male, 48 years, Bakewell, UK
Indoor rowing, Pool swimming, Running… (+1 more)

I like: Running off-road and long.

  • 47 Moves

    55:43 h

    603.6 km

    0 kcal

  • Greatest Moves

    • Running 5:47'02, 63.26 km

      Great run on the Dukeries 40. Felt strong especially second half. Finshed 3rd/92 finishers. Chuffed - best finishing position ever.

    • Pool swimming 0:42'28, 2.00 km

    • Running 7:17'48.6 Average heart rate 120 bpm, 67.05 km

      Nice sunny day. Went into this with foot metatarsal tendon and ITBS worries, but apart from slight pain in foot which didn't get worse all went to plan. Great race, low key but friendly. Legs strong right up to last 10 or so when ache started to set in. 13th out of 76 finishers.

    • Running 3:22'59 Average heart rate 114 bpm, 30.12 km

      great skyline run. now itb issues. rough weather to start but cleared up later

    • Running 19:14'00 Average heart rate 103 bpm, 100.0 km

      wet and cold. tough terrain. ambit battery ran out. Placed 143/379. Navigation errors added up to 45 mins. Felt pretty strong throughout, though mostly fast walking due to terrain.

    • Not one of mine but a lovely pic from Fellsman 2015


      Buckden Pike on the Fellsman

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb
    • Running 9:59'42.9 Average heart rate 116 bpm, 77.24 km

      Dorset CTS. 55th/165 starters. Glorious sunny but cold day. Felt good to ca 25 miles and then slowed fair bit suffering from low energy levels. Got cold and walked a fair bit. A toffee crisp worked wonders (forget energy bars) and finished strong for last ca 10 miles. This one gives me 2 points towards UTMB qualification so on track for TDS next year. Probably lost ca 15 mins to taking photos along the way and dealing with a blister caused by stray grit at 10miles.

    • Before the start. That's the first climb behind me

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb

      Sun breaks over the start line

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb

      Could be the med! Sunrise - feeling fresh at this stage

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb

      First big climb of the day out of Lulworth Cove - event base ...

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb

      Chalk cliffs and blue sea

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb

      Glorious blue sea and sky

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb

      Finished the Dorset 45 mile ultra

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb

      Looking towards the lights of Weymouth and Portland on the co...

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb

      cts 14-15 Dorset - Endurance Life


      cts 14-15 Dorset - Endurance Life

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb
    • Running 1:21'47 Average heart rate 136 bpm, 11.51 km

      from PlanPraz to Flegere and then followed UTMB course back to Chamonix - glorious. tough and technical trails - even the downhills.

    • Running 14:57'00 Average heart rate 113 bpm, 82.84 km

      Hot early on had to slow a lot to manage effort. At 40 miles left knee it band became painful. Forced to walk from then on.

    • Running 4:09'54.3, 42.17 km

      Langdale Marathon - good conditions. Felt strong till ca 18 miles - then slowed. Didn't get nutrition quite right again. Hilly. 61st/138

    • Looking from Grasmere towards the lake - early morning sunshi...

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb

      Mike slightly light headed after finishing the marathon - enj...

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb

      Race Day - Langdale Marathon and Half-M - (pre-race!)

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb
    • Running 13:15'43.3 Average heart rate 118 bpm, 80.47 km

      Lakeland 50. Felt really rough 15-25 miles - got nutrition wrong. sped up after some pasta at kentmere and strong from then on. need to strengthen legs for hills, back ache with carrying full pack - need to practice more with load. 175/481

    • Running the Lakeland 50 above ullswater

      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb
    • Running 5:12'27.3 Average heart rate 123 bpm, 42.58 km

      Ultra trail 26 Howgills warm sunny day - slight dehydration/heatstoke towards end used bumbag which caused back pain - use backpack in future on 20+ jaunts placed 22/122 - 5th v40 - pleased given rough terrain and few small navigational errors - GPS useful at key points

    • Cautley Holme in Cumbria in the Yorkshire Dales


      From near Cautley Spout in the Howgills, the alluvial plain Cautley Home Beck. In the distance is the Cross Keys, famous as a temperance pub (no alcohol is served).

      The near foreground isn't in the Yorkshire Dales, the rest is!


      Photo by mikeyb17mikeb
    • Running 6:58'31.3 Average heart rate 126 bpm, 63.85 km

      Compton 40 - glorious sunny day - hilly course - 2 laps of 20 miles handled hydration and feeding well, pacing good though slowed slightly in second half - ran all the way - last 5 miles tougher but finished strong

    • Running 5:22'31.8 Average heart rate 135 bpm, 49.89 km

      Ennerdale Trail run 50km. 20/64. Glorious sunny day in the western lakes. Tough patch on second climb to Black sail pass but finished strong. Footpod failed mid run

    • Day 2


      Ennerdale Water

      Photo by Kloeffon

      Ennerdale path


      A walk at Ennerdale on a bright winters morning.

      Buttermere path


      A path alongside the southern edge of Buttermere.

      - Canon 1Dmk3 - Canon 16-35mm f2.7L USM - Circular Polariser - Bracketed HDR, panoramic image - Hand held

    • Running 3:01'02.9 Average heart rate 142 bpm, 25.85 km

      Totley Exterminator Fell Race. Good conditions. Trained through, no taper. Felt strong. 10 mins slower than 2007 time. 65/165. Top 39%

    • Running 2:58'46.1 Average heart rate 136 bpm, 32.96 km

      Bakewell-Blackwell mill and back along monsal trail. Great run - felt strong

    • Running 8:10'31.6 Average heart rate 127 bpm, 53.11 km

      Long Tour of Bradwell - tough ultra - lots of ups and downs. 71st/110. Last hour through abney struggled with back pain. still running well at end though. Pretty good on no specific training.

    • Pool swimming 0:30'00, 1.29 km

      wetsuit swim in Wastwater - wonderful

    • Triathlon 3:09'09, 51.50 km

      Coniston Standard Distance Tri - slow swim, strong bike and tough last 5km of run

    • Mountain biking 1:06'06.7 Average heart rate 119 bpm, 15.77 km

      bwell-haddon woods-chatsworth edensor - great route - missed golf course descent and struggled on haddon woods climb

    • Mountain biking 1:06'30.9 Average heart rate 117 bpm, 14.94 km

      Sherwood Pines - Red route - 59 mins

    • Running 1:03'47.4 Average heart rate 149 bpm, 11.43 km

      Lathkill fell race - cloudy and clear. felt strong.

    • Running 1:40'40.6 Average heart rate 150 bpm, 15.71 km

      Passing Clouds Fell Race - great route - tired towards end - maybe dehydrated or low sugar Finished 107/195

    • Running 1:02'47.5 Average heart rate 149 bpm, 11.96 km

      haddon loop - pushed hard on hills and final stretch - felt strong but still slow...

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