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    seguimi cosi vedo i tuoi move

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    18.5.2012 @ maxsabbatani

    Zanza sono in alto mare con questo programma.... Bisogna che venga a scuola da te...

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    Storm Alarm

    12.4.2013, Movescount

    Gives a storm alarm when sea level air pressure drops fast enough. The gradient limit is 4hPa per 3 hours.


    Actual pressure a...

    31.1.2013, titinius

    This app shows you your actual PRESSURE altitude based on your QNH now in feets ! Useful for pilots to calculate pressure altitude of airfield for different purposes.


    Training Zone (zo...

    14.1.2013, Lowieke

    Training Zone, using the Karvonen formula ie relative to the HF dynamic range. This app converts % to zones as follows: 50-60%: Zone 1, Moderate Activity (Maintenance/Warm-up); 60-70%: Zone 2, Weight Control (Fitness/Fat Burn); 70-80%: Zone 3, Aerobic (Cardio Training/Endurance); 80-90%: Zone 4, Anaerobic (Hardcore Training); 90-100%: Zone 5, VO2Max (Maximum Effort). It's (mis)using the App rounding characteristic to drive the zone number directly. Unfortunately less than 50% generates minus zones, couldn't avoid it. Zones over 5 shouldn't come up if your HFMax is set properly, that's unless you're suffering from sudden cardiac arrhythmia. Enjoy.


    Relative Power (w...

    30.11.2012, adub
    Cycling, Training

    Relative Power (Watts/kg) = VAM (meters/hour) / (Gradient factor x 100)

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    Real time hill in...

    29.11.2012, radku
    Trekking, Guidance

    Real time hill incline as percentage (100% = 45 degrees).


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