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  • bradolwin

    26.5.2013 @ masonham

    Thanks for the guided tour of Tiger Mountain Park yesterday, have fun in San Diego, I'll be keeping track!

  • bradolwin

    19.5.2013 @ Move 18.5.2013

    Nice one, sending you an email tonight. Arrive on Friday.

    • masonham


      I haven't gotten your email. I'm planning to do 18 on Saturday if you want to join me.

  • bradolwin

    30.4.2013 @ Move 28.4.2013

    Nice run and great pace, looks like you will be in good shape for the 100!

  • bradolwin

    25.4.2013 @ masonham

    I will be in the Seattle area May 24-26 with a car. Will you have time for a run together? I am supposed to a marathon-length run that weekend.

    • masonham


      I should have time. That is 2 weeks prior to SD100, so I'm not sure how far I will be running. Email me at masonham at gmail.

  • bradolwin

    23.4.2013 @ Move 21.4.2013

    Nice run

    • masonham


      Thanks Brad! Are you out of the snow yet?

    • bradolwin


      Not quite and our mountains are still completely full of snow as are yours I imagine.

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