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Male, 38 years, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
Cycling, Openwater swimming, Pool swimming… (+6 more)

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    Montagn'hard 2012


    Running 13:42'01.7 Average heart rate 146 bpm, 60.20 km.
    Montagn'Hard 60 - 2012 Première éxperience sur du long, une journée inoubliable sur une course sompteuses avec aucun autre objectif que celui d'etre finisher. CR sur


    10km du Pays de Grasse


    Running 0:46'22 Average heart rate 186 bpm, 10.07 km.
    Dernière édition des 10km des Grasse.


    Trail Nocturne de la Colmiane


    Trail running 1:52'51.5 Average heart rate 179 bpm, 13.97 km.


    Trail des AM 2012 (13km)


    Trail running 1:29'46 Average heart rate 185 bpm, 11.81 km.
    Trail des AM 2012 Distance exacte : 13km (+/- 0,2km) Première edition sur les nouveaux parcours du trail des alpes maritimes Première edition sur les nouveaux parcours du trail des alpes maritimes

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    Toubkal 4167m


    Trekking 2:45'24.3, 3.87 km.
    Montée du Toubkal partie 2 : Refuge - sommet




    Paragliding 0:26'37.2 Average heart rate 72 bpm, 12.61 km.
    Bapteme de parapente à Gourdon

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  • 36 Apps

  • Traversée Verbier...

    10.7.2014, lexel
    Trail running, Competition

    Estime la duree totale du TSVB, au fur et a mesure de la course. Distance = 61km Utilise la formule de Riegel T2 = T1 x (D2/D1)1.06

    Total time paused

    8.7.2014, SleepyOverlord

    Calculates total time spent in paused state. Useful for hiking and ultra marathons to check how much time was spent resting. Works for multiple day activities as well. Note: Test on movescount could give a too large value error, but it works properly on the watch.

    Zugspitz Time Pre...

    14.5.2014, Anonymous
    Trail running, Competition

    Fun finished time predictor for an Ultra Marathon of 100kms. It is been used widely since it was first introduced back in the 70's however it does not take into account the total ascent of Ultra marathons but we assume that the extra time ascending is compensated on the descent. A more reasonable "Multiplier Factor" would be 1.18 for the distance but I stick to 1.06 for testing purposes and reference. The app is based on the Riegel formula T2 = T1 x (D2/D1)1.06

    Vspd (60s)

    2.4.2014, SiRoB1

    Calculate vertical speed for the last 1min straight climb/down. Exercise don't need to be started. The altitude changes due to calibration are automatically filtered. Fixed spike effect and corrected abnormal value when FusedAlti recalibrates the altimeter.

  • 1


    23.2.2014, Movescount
    Running, Training

    Rumour tells that one of the secrets behind the success of Kenyan runners is that they run accelerating runs. Inspired by this method of training this App gives you pace guidance through your accelerating run. The start pace is taken from the first kilometer and then pace is increased (duration per km decreased) with 5sec/km for every kilometer. Thus you can adjust your run by selecting the pace for the first kilometer.



    6.2.2014, Movescount
    Running, Performance

    This App indicates the efficiency of your running by introducing the unit "Beats Per Kilometer". It tells exactly how many times your heart beats during one kilometer with current pace and heartrate compared. Less heart beats means less effort to run this pace. This App lets you follow the value live based on last 10 second floating average value of heartrate and running pace.


    EPOC estimation

    9.12.2013, Anonymous

    Live EPOC estimation. or_watching equation. Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. Is a measurably increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity intended to erase the body's "oxygen deficit." ....


    Trail des Baous 32km

    31.10.2013, lexel
    Trail running, Competition

    Estimateur de chrono final sur le parcours de 32km L'estimation est faite en fonction du denivelé (et non de la distance) La valeur de réference est 1600m (D+ / D-)

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    Ruffier - Dickson

    6.9.2013, wanarun
    Running, Estimate

    This app is designed to evaluate the Ruffier Dickson Indexes very easily. Stay Cool until the first beep (1 minute) , then do flexion until the second (45 seconds) and then stay cool for 90 seconds.


    Average Vertical ...

    28.8.2013, RunningSolidaire

    Gives you your average vertical speed in m/h for the last 30s, not taking into account your descent time if any.

    Stop Time v1.0

    31.7.2013, lexel
    Trail running, Counter

    [EN] Record how long you "stop" during your activities, log the app result if you want to memorise the value. Display total move time where you are in movement, switch to total STOP TIME when you arrete not moving. [FR] Mémorise le temps que vous passez à l'arret pendant vos activitées. Afficher votre chrono quand vous vous deplacez, passe automatique sur le TEMPS d ARRET quand la vitesse est inferieur à 2km/h. [VARIABLES] counter = 0; beepcounter = 0; count = 0;

    Simple Counter

    31.7.2013, lexel
    Frisbee, Training

    [EN] Simple app to learn you how to make a counter - [FR] Cette petite application vous montre comment faire un compteur.

  • 58

    Ski Runs

    22.7.2013, Anonymous
    Alpine skiing, Counter

    This app implements the "lap" counter as it works in the Altimax or the Core. It calculates the number of ski runs, or the number of hill climbs, or the number of thermals during a paraglider flights, etc. You do not need to press the lap button. A new ski run starts after an ascent of at least 50 m (150 feet). That is, you must ascend at least 50 m before a new descent will count as a new ski run. You can test it by moving the Altitude slider up and down a couple of times.



    20.7.2013, zmeel

    As a measure of endurance, this app shows you the distance in meters you progress per heartbeat (cardiac speed) while running or biking. Put this app in one of your sport modes and start logging your endurance. Use the app to track your improvements and as you gain endurance, you will see you can maintain a high cardiac speed for a longer period of time. While this app uses tail parameters of 10 seconds to smooth out large fluctuations, the readout is your actual endurance and not the average of the whole exercise. This app uses only those extra heartbeats above your rest heart rate to calculate the cardiac speed.


    Vitesse de Descen...

    5.7.2013, Anonymous
    Trail running, Counter

    Trail des Abeille...

    3.7.2013, Anonymous
    Trail running, Estimate

    Estimation du chrono sur le Trail des abeilles D+ / D- : 2000 Distance : 23km

  • Average Vertical ...

    16.6.2013, Anonymous
    Trail running, Counter

    Affiche la vitesse verticale (asc et desc) moyenne en m/h

    Patou Trail time ...

    14.6.2013, fdelerue
    Trail running, Target / Goal

    Estime la duree totale du Patou Trail a Saint-Lary Soulan, au fur et a mesure de la course. Distance = 43,6 km D+ = 3214 m Prend en compte la distance et le denivele pour estimer le temps de la course au fur et a mesure de celle ci.

    Vitesse Ascension...

    28.5.2013, Anonymous
    Ski touring, Counter

    Affiche la vitesse Ascensionnelle Moyenne de toutes les ascensions d'un exercice. (nb : la moyenne est calculée uniquement sur les temps d'ascensions de l'exercice)

    Vitesse Verticale...

    26.5.2013, Anonymous
    Trail running, Training
  • Speed Switcher v1.3

    26.5.2013, Anonymous
    Trail running, Counter

    Auto Speed Switcher

    1.5.2013, Anonymous
    Trail running, Counter

    [English] For Trail Running : with that app you can use only one field for running speed and climbing speed by default the app display your running speed in km/h and it switch to climbing speed in m/h if it detect you're climbing. The app switch after 30sec of climbing at a rate over 600m/h - If lap are used the average lap speed is displayed after the first lap else it's the instant speed - for Ambit & Ambit2 - --------------------------------------------------------------------- [Français] App pour le Trail : elle vous permet d'utiliser un seul champ pour l'affichage de la vitesse ou de la vitesse ascensionnelle : par défaut c'est la vitesse de course qui est affichée en km/h en montée c'est la vitesse ascensionnelle en m/h (passe automatiquement à partir de 30 sec d'ascension à plus de 600 m/h ) Si les tours sont utilisées, la vitesse de course affichée sera la vitesse moyenne du tour en cours sinon c'est la vitesse instantanée - pour Ambit & Ambit2


    Pace Setter

    30.4.2013, Anonymous
    Trail running, Training

    App exemple du Suunto App Developer Programmation d'un entraînement 2km à 6min/km suivit de 2km à 5min/km suivit de 2km à 4min/km suivit de Retour au calme à 120 bpm Le changement de prefix ne semble pas fonctionner


    Total ascent

    12.4.2013, Movescount

    Shows the amount of ascent, i.e. cumulative amount of gained altitude during the exercise. Result is given in meters.

  • 13862

    Storm Alarm

    12.4.2013, Movescount

    Gives a storm alarm when sea level air pressure drops fast enough. The gradient limit is 4hPa per 3 hours.


    Vertical Speed

    12.4.2013, Movescount

    Shows current vertical speed as m/min. Positive numbers indicate ascent and negative numbers descent.


    Pick Up The Pace

    10.1.2013, FunkmasterFlex
    Multisport, Tools for daily use

    Shows how much faster/slower you are going compared to your previous lap.


    Vitesse MAX

    19.12.2012, Anonymous
    Alpine skiing, Performance
  • 77

    Responsive Marath...

    3.12.2012, Michael_M
    Running, Estimate

    This forecast is responsive to speed changes during the race. There are clear benefits for using current lap pace based forecast for finish time. E.g. first minutes are often slower, because of traffic, and thus average speed is clearly behind target in early race. Don't panic, stride faster when you can and you get quickly new realistic forecast from this App. Check values below. After 10 minutes still 41km left, but forecast shows that pace is good enough to finish under 3h. Average speed based estimates are also often too optimistic in late race. This App reacts quickly to pace drop and gives you early warning. It's again time to stride faster to reach your target! I made this forecast based on my own experience in long distance running. This is something that I have calculated always during the race to estimate how it will end up. In future, I let this App handle the calculations for me. I hope you find it useful too!


    Ascent and Descen...

    1.12.2012, saridis_pavlos
    Running, Tools for daily use

    calculates slope by the time you press lap...... positive % for ascent and negative % for descent


    Rockport fitness ...

    1.12.2012, Michael_M
    Walking, Performance

    There is different App for Females. Walk one mile (1.61 km) as fast as you can. Use 400m track OR treadmill OR find a flat route and measure distance using integrated GPS or calibrated Foot POD. After 1 mile this App shows your fitness level as Vo2 Max.


    Fréquence Cardiaq...

    29.11.2012, Anonymous
    Running, Training

    Affiche le pourcentage utilisé de la Fréquence Cardiaque de Réserve (Méthode Karvonen)

  • 97

    Cardiac drift %

    29.11.2012, The_Ghost
    Running, Training

    Measures the body exertion during exercises and how fit you are. Best athletes achieve near 1%. Usually it is around 5% and non-trained people gain more than 5%. This formula calculates Cardiac drift between previous and current laps during Steady exercises! Laps should be near equal as distances or times.


    Beats per km

    29.11.2012, kemetter
    Running, Training

    An indication of personal running (or other sport) efficiency. Indicates how your running pace relates to your heartrate. The unit of this value is [beats per kilometer] and it is calculated on your current HR and pace. Can be used in any sport that uses HR and speed.


    Ascent todo

    29.11.2012, JanneKallio
    Trail running, Estimate

    In hilly terrain it's nice to know how much ascent there is going to be before getting back. This App provides you the ascent that you still need to do, before getting back. This works only when you start and end your run in same place!


    Climb counter

    6.11.2012, Movescount
    Trail running, Counter

    Climb counter is for running hill sprints. After a couple sprints, it’s easy to lose count. Climb counter keeps track of how many sprints you have done. Just push the lap button once at the top of the first hill. After that, the app will count each sprint and show you the current total count.


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