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Female, 37 years, Vancouver, Canada
Alpine skiing, Circuit training, Climbing… (+11 more)

Chocolate really motivates me!

2:14'55.9 Alpine skiing

1 weeks ago
Photo by lauraf

2:19'33 Mountain biking

3 weeks ago
Photo by lauraf

2:19'16.7 Trekking

4 weeks ago
Photo by lauraf

1:49'52 Walking

Photo by lauraf

4:02'42.9 Mountain biking

Photo by lauraf

1:44'28.9 Trekking

Photo by lauraf

1:05'45.1 Ice skating

Photo by lauraf

2:48'21.9 Mountain biking

Photo by lauraf

2:38'47.4 Alpine skiing

Photo by lauraf
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  • alex_m

    7.10.2012 @ Move 6.10.2012

    100 Km/h on a mountain bike?

  • alex_m

    15.6.2012 @ Move 14.6.2012

    I'm going to start calling you out for these 'moves'

  • lauraf

    15.2.2011 @ lauraf

    yeah, we call it ball buster because our trainer Monika is really tough. Every class is killer....oddly i find it fun! yes, finally giving the boys a run for their money - Yay!!!

  • PhilVilleneuve

    12.2.2011 @ lauraf

    Ball buster eh? That's funny... Good work on the training this month - you're giving the boys a good run for their money!

  • PhilVilleneuve

    16.1.2011 @ lauraf

    Hi Laura, just wanted to say hi, and welcome to Movescount! Thx for joining the Suunto Canada group...stay tooned for some fun contests ;)

    • lauraf


      Cool! Will do.

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