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Female, 36 years, Fort Collins, United States
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  • bradolwin

    3 weeks ago @ Move 5.4.2014

    Nice to meet you today Kate!

    • krobinson

      6 days ago

      It was great to meet you too!

  • bradolwin

    24.3.2014 @ Move 23.3.2014

    Nice Run, looking at your course just reminds me of Quad Rock, which I was dumb enough to sign up for again:)

    • krobinson


      We were definitely on part of the course this weekend which was still very icy in spots. I'm in again too - 3rd year in a row! Are you coming up for the Preview next weekend?

    • bradolwin


      I am not totally sure about the training run April 5 but I think I will do the Round Mtn run on Sat, how about you?

    • krobinson

      3 weeks ago

      Glad you signed up again - it's a great race! I did make out to Round, but only did a summit, my legs weren't ready for Round-UP after this 34mile run. You should come out this weekend for the QR training run. It's a great excuse to come out and run the trails.

  • krobinson

    24.3.2014 @ Move 23.3.2014

    Thanks! It was good long day out with friends. Something we call "March Mileage Madness".

  • muntlixrunners

    24.3.2014 @ Move 23.3.2014

    oh my goodness, thats a long distance. congratulations.

  • Vincent_vd_Hoed

    12.10.2013 @ krobinson

    Greetings from California--happy running!

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    C'mon everyone ... PUMP IT UP! With Team USA kickin' butt in Sochi, how can you not feel inspired?!

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    How is your running going?


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    Anyone have a race coming up? Don't forget to use to find one near you!!!

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    The Ambit family is once again growing in march with the new Ambit2 R for runners! I updated the group name to be the Suunto Ambit family users in stead of Ambit, Ambit2, Ambit2 S and Ambit2 R users

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    June is pritty wet here in the Great Britain! Lots of preperation for the Olympics going on! Have u got tickets? Or will you be watching?


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    Sleep Monitor - R...

    20.9.2013, ppiioottrr
    Multisport, Performance

    Check how well you sleep! And identifiy your rest HR! How to identify your rest HR? Well, with this APP it is easy - have a sleep with your belt and in the morning you will have all the data in your Ambit - just transfer it to Movescount and check your charts. Just before a sleep or right after you will see on your Ambit the approximation of your RestHR so far - and you don't have to sleep with the watch - just place it close to your bed. 1) Save this APP 2) Add it to one of your sport modes 3) Enable logging of data - you will be able to see a chart for SLEEP MONITOR - REST HR IDENTIFICATION 4) I configured just two screens for "SleepWell" sport mode: the first with: HR Rate, this APP, and Calories; the second screen with a graph for HR Rate 5) After a sleep it is fun to analyze your HR graphs and "restHR" graph - you can easily identify your rest rate and adjust it manualy in your Ambit (it is not like with SUUNTO_USER_MAX_HR, which is being adjusted automaticaly!) Enjoy!


    Karvonen Training...

    1.12.2012, Bucheror

    ------------------------ The Karvonen formula is the gold standard for training zones. It is based on your Reserve Heart Rate, the difference between your maximum HR and your Rest HR, rather than only the max heart rate. 50% to 60%: Recovery and weight loss zone. 60% to 70%: The heart starts to benefit from the exercise. Slow and long distance exercise. Fat is the primary fuel and therefore good zone for weight loss. 70% to 80%: Aerobic zone - This is the optimal zone to workout in to increase your cardio-respitory capacity or the bodies ability to transport oxygenated blood to the muscle cells and carbon dioxide away from the cells. 80% to 90%: Cross over from aerobic training to anaerobic. Training in this zone will improve performance and dealing with Lactic acid. Training in this zone is felt as hard. 90% to 100%: Red Line Zone - You will only be able to train in this zone for short periods of time. You should not train at this level unless you are very fit. In this zone lactic ...


    Current incline

    29.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Guidance

    Want to know the real incline of the hill or mountain you are heading up? Use this App to find out. Set this in one of your custom sport modes and press lap when starting each climb to see your real-time incline. NOTE: This Suunto App cannot be logged at the moment. You can use the app in your watch, but the results are not visible in the Move in Movescount.


    How hard

    28.11.2012, Movescount

    Using heart rates zones is a useful way to control your exercise intensity. But if you need more precise guidance, this is the App for you. This app shows real-time intensity based on your own maximum heart rate. Set it in one of your custom sports modes and let your real-time exercise intensity guide you.


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