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Male, 36 years, Manizales, Caldas, Colombia
Mountain biking, Mountaineering, Trekking

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    4:44 h

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    821 kcal

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      Percent Slope (dst)

      Cycling, Guidance. VTiTux

      This app use the distances (horizontal and vertical) traveled for 20 seconds, to calculate the slope. If the distance is too less, the sloping is forced to 0, to prevent the aberations. This is an improvement of that app (see here for details about the formule):


      Storm Alarm

      Environmental. Movescount

      Gives a storm alarm when sea level air pressure drops fast enough. The gradient limit is 4hPa per 3 hours.



      Environmental. Movescount

      Shows the time of next sunset or sunrise, whichever is predicted to come first.


      Hill grade live

      Cycling, Training. kemetter

      Shows live grade of the hill in degrees [%] based on vertical speed and speed measurement.

    • oxygen level (%)

      Mountaineering, Guidance. rogerkyd

      gives the oxygen level at given altitude


      Fat Burned in Gramms

      Consumption. ppiioottrr

      So, you want to lose weight? Here you go: in order to loose 1 pound in one week you need to make sure that you keep a daily deficit of calories at about 500 calories (see the link to the website, where it is explained). Based on this you can figure out, that to loose 1gramm you need to burn about 7.7161 calories (kg - lbs conversion is provided by Suunto below the App library). Provided that you eat no more than needed, this app shows you how much weight you've just lost so far thanks to your exercises. Enjoy!



      Trekking, Tools for daily use. tomahola

      My attempt to make a barometer that displays the barometric pressure at your location. This app is approximate, valid only at low altitudes, because you can not use log and exp functions in an app. You can also simulate a barometer by setting your reference altitude to zero in the standard Ambit. But it would be really nice and more convenient if you could have a barometer with all three key parameters available at the same time: altitude, atmospheric pressure and QNH (sea level pressure). On my wish list, but not implemented yet, is an altitude trim term to correct for air humidity, air temperature and sensor errors. Trim can be done by setting altitude and QNH or barometric pressure simultaneously and independently. If both pressure and altitude are known, the trim coefficient can be determined. Currently the trim is fixed at factory calibration. I hope you enjoy this App, despite it's inaccuracy! Tom


      BMI - body mass index

      Running, Tools for daily use. Anonymous

      1.7-example body lenght Underweight = under 18.5 Normal weight = 18.5–24.9 Overweight = 25–29.9 Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

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      pendiente en tiempo real

      Trekking, Guidance. JAES1977

      Cálculo de pendiente real



      Trekking, Guidance. JAES1977

      Cálculo del porcentaje de una pendiente


      Oxygen level (%)

      Mountaineering, Guidance. radku

      Oxygen level at the given altitude as percentage of maximum at the see level. Formula: (1+H+(H^2)/2+(H^3)/6+(H^4)/24)*100, with H = -ALTITUDE/7990


      Barometric pressure in mmHg

      Tools for daily use. b0rG

      Barometric pressure in mmHg

    • 8720

      How hard

      Guidance. Movescount

      Using heart rates zones is a useful way to control your exercise intensity. But if you need more precise guidance, this is the App for you. This app shows real-time intensity based on your own maximum heart rate. Set it in one of your custom sports modes and let your real-time exercise intensity guide you.


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