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Male, 22 years, Prospect, Australia
Canoeing, Climbing, Cycling… (+11 more)

To stay put is to exist; to travel is to live.

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  • JaeeunShin

    5.3.2014 @ harry93

    Hello. I am Jaeeun Shin from Magazine B in KOREA. MagazineB is documentary magazine for well balanced brands. And next issue is SUUNTO. So I ‘d like to simple interview with Movescount app designers. If you accept this proposal, please send me your email address. For your better understand about us, I’me attaching the link. We would like to hear from you. please reply with this email address.

  • ppiioottrr

    2.10.2013 @ interval trainer

    Check this one: - it's a multi-APP - you have Cardiac Drift (comparison of performance, i.e. the ratio SPEED/HR between intervals), Karvonen HR%, max HR, max Speed in one app. And also timers for interval and rest periods.

    • harry93


      I agree, my applications are now out of date and the newer more complex ones are much better. They allow for much greater input from a variety of parameters as well as displaying multiple items on the one line. But this being said if you want a simple application for one parameter its pointless to have to wait for the watch to cycle though, sometimes simple is useful.

  • jester02

    7.9.2013 @ interval trainer

    I dont get it, mine just starts at 30 sec, and then counts up, when i hit the lap button, it just resets on 30 sec, and counts up again ?

    • harry93


      You are correct, I'm sure when i wrote it, it worked. There is a that should be a -, keeping in mind that this was written before Suunto opened the programming language up. Not sure what happened because I used this on my watch for a while and it seemed to work fine.

  • yogev800

    10.8.2013 @ interval trainer

    How do I save interval trainer to my Ambit???????????????????

    • harry93


      I'm unsure, I haven't done anything to disable it, I doubt I have any control of the application once I upload it anyway. Property of Suunto.

    • harry93


      sorry for the slow reply btw, there are no notifications so I only came across your comment when I was browsing applications.

  • AlesK

    1.8.2013 @ interval trainer

    How do I save interval trainer to my Ambit?? No Save App button...

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    Auto Altitude

    Mountaineering, Guidance. anderswallander

    Automatic calibration of alitmeter using the GPS on Ambit 1 (cheap man's FusedAlti).


    Storm Alarm

    Environmental. Movescount

    Gives a storm alarm when sea level air pressure drops fast enough. The gradient limit is 4hPa per 3 hours.



    Environmental. Movescount

    Shows the time of next sunset or sunrise, whichever is predicted to come first.


    Adjustable Countdown timer

    Tools for daily use. Michael_M

    Press lap-button to set countdown minutes.

  • 1

    Output in Horsepower

    Running, Training. harry93

    See how fit you are you up against a horse. (note you will have to work hard to get much above 0.03)


    Energy in Watts

    Running, Guidance. harry93

    Measures Watts from cal/hr.


    50m Swimming pool counter

    Pool swimming, Counter. txapeldun

    Problems trying to count pools length ? With this App, you won`t need to, just press the lap button every time you push from the pool wall and get the distance on screen !!! Works for 50m pool


    Twinkie Counter

    Running, Fun. harry93

    Counts how many twinkles you can have burnt since beginning exercise. Don't eat too many!

  • 1

    Total Heatbeats

    Running, Training. harry93

    measures total heartbeats from beginning of exercise. (updated version formular in old one was wrong)


    interval trainer

    Running, Training. harry93

    Counts down from 30 seconds after pressing lap (improved version)


    water intake calculator

    Walking, Consumption. harry93

    **disclaimer, i do not endorse the use of this calculator as an absolute intake measurement device. This app is designed to give a rough guideline as to how much water should be consumed within a given time (not distance). Only you will know what is appropriate for your own body. The formular is based on needing 750ml per hour.


    Distance in Centimetres

    Adventure racing, Counter. harry93

    Measures distance travelled in centimetres, slightly more useful than in AU...

  • 1

    Distance in Astronomical Units

    Adventure racing, Fun. harry93

    For those fun people who kilometers and miles just isn't a large enough unit for! Slightly silly app, might get a reading if on a plane. (now edited to show ten thousandths of an AU)


    interval trainer

    Running, Training. harry93

    Counts down from 30 seconds after pressing lap (still testing this app)


    Big Mac's Burnt off

    Running, Consumption. harry93

    Measures how many Big Mac's have been burnt off, not that you should be eating them anyway!


    Running Efficiency

    Running, Consumption. harry93

    Measures energy consumption per kilometer.

  • Everest's climbed

    Cycling, Target / Goal. harry93

    Measures as a percentage of how much of Everest you have climbed. Can be used for any sport which involves climbing/ascend.


    Countdown Timer

    Tools for daily use. harry93

    counts down from one hour



    Tools for daily use. Barwin

    Countdown timer for an hour


    Beats per km

    Running, Training. kemetter

    An indication of personal running (or other sport) efficiency. Indicates how your running pace relates to your heartrate. The unit of this value is [beats per kilometer] and it is calculated on your current HR and pace. Can be used in any sport that uses HR and speed.

  • 74

    Breaking distance on wet road

    Motorsports, Estimate. juei

    gravity = 9.8067 m/s^2 friction (dry asphalt) = 0.7 friction (wet asphalt) = 0.5 d = velocity^2 / (2*friction*gravity) total_d = d + reaction time (travelled per 1 second)


    Current incline

    Running, Guidance. Movescount

    Want to know the real incline of the hill or mountain you are heading up? Use this App to find out. Set this in one of your custom sport modes and press lap when starting each climb to see your real-time incline.


    Rest countdown

    Weight training, Training. jweak

    This is a rest countdown of three minutes for weight training. Press lap after doing a set and it will show you how long you have to rest before the next set.


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