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Male, 41 years, Roosendaal, Nederland
Alpine skiing, Cycling, Indoor cycling… (+6 more)

Let's go out for a ride, or let's play some (beach)volleybal or tennis. But never go out without your Suunto Heart Rate Monitor!

5:04'00 Alpine skiing

2 weeks ago
Photo by guyotten

5:04'00 Alpine skiing

2 weeks ago
Photo by guyotten

1:16'33.2 Running

Photo by guyotten

1:16'33.2 Running

Photo by guyotten

1:16'33.2 Running

Photo by guyotten

1:16'33.2 Running

Photo by guyotten

1:16'33.2 Running

Photo by guyotten
  • 6 Moves

    14:37 h

    161.9 km

    2761 kcal

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    Ronde van Nispen 2011


    Cycling 1:04'38.8 Average heart rate 178 bpm, 37.71 km.
    Ronde van Nispen, 30gr, harde koers.

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    Running, Target / Goal. Movescount

    Run against a ghost runner who runs with constant pace. The watch shows the distance to your ghost friend in meters if you are in front of him and negative meters if you are behind. Check also for other paces and miles version of this App.



    Environmental. balt

    Displays the current sun azimuth and elevation



    Tools for daily use. SiRoB1

    Inline display: day of the week, day, month.



    Running, Performance. Movescount

    This App indicates the efficiency of your running by introducing the unit "Beats Per Kilometer". It tells exactly how many times your heart beats during one kilometer with current pace and heartrate compared. Less heart beats means less effort to run this pace. This App lets you follow the value live based on last 10 second floating average value of heartrate and running pace.

  • 1


    Environmental. SiRoB1

    Display sea-level pressure tendency in Pa/h based on the last 3h pressure change. Drift due to calibration (fusedAlti, manual Atli ref change) or travel are automatically filtered. So you can use Automatic or Barometric profile to see pressure trend, if you set alti profile you will have to use fusedalti. Keep in mind that to get accurate reading you need to use barometric profile and stay at same altitude. Alarm is activated by default and can be disable by pushing Lap BUTTON. Alarm beeps one time every 15min while pressure trend is under -400Pa/3h, it beeps 2 time every 10min while pressure trend is under -800Pa/3h, it beeps 3 time every 5min while pressure trend is under -1200Pa/3h and so on but the repeat time of the alarm is stuck at 5 min. A: alarm activated and storm condition occurred. a: alarm activated and no storm condition yet. S: alarm disabled and currently in storm condition. s: alarm disabled and storm condition occurred. Pressure trend is one of the parameters that ...


    Marathon,halfM,10k,5k time estimator in1

    Running, Training. ppiioottrr

    Time estimator for Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10k and 5k. This single APP shows you 4 estimations - every 3 second the screen switches between Full Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10k and 5k time estimates. It is based on the distance you covered so far (and time of course) plus the current speed (actually it is the average speed over the last 10 seconds - to exclude some random effects, like wrong read-out, or short-term slow-down or speed-up). And in case you covered already some milestones, then only valid estimates will be shown (e.g. if you are at your 12th kilometer, then only estimates for half-marathon and full-marathon will be shown). In the first few secs (before the average speed over the last 10 secs rises enough) the app will show only the current duration. The app does not take into account the 'tiredness-factor', i.e. it assumes you will manage to run at the current speed till the end of your planned distance. I plan to develop a variant of this app that would take into accoun...


    Race Time Predictor 5K - Marathon

    Running, Estimate. teemum

    Want to know how fast you could be? This App uses formula originally devised by Pete Riegel, a research engineer and marathoner (published in Runner's World by Owen Anderson) to predict your race time on given distance based on actual race time. This App shows you real time estimate for 5km, 10km, Half Marathon and Marathon while running hard - just add it to your running sport mode and see what times you could reach. TIP: Add this App to bottom row in your sport mode. (In middle row the info about predicted distance isn't shown). NOTE: You need to run more than one kilometer before estimation is shown! ******************************* Please note that predictor: 1. Assumes that you have done proper training for the distance. 2. It assumes you don't have a natural significant bias towards either speed or endurance. 3. The calculations become less accurate for times under three and a half minutes and over four hours. ******************************* The formula is T2 = T1 x (D2/D1)^1.0...



    Environmental. Movescount

    Shows the time of next sunset or sunrise, whichever is predicted to come first.

  • 10km Time Estimate

    Running, Performance. broadwise



    Hill climb - Gradient

    Cycling, Training. kenta206

    Gradient %


    Pourcentage pente

    Cycling, Training. arouviere

    Fat burner

    Running, Target / Goal. wwwYnand

    Fat burner app. This app assumes an optimal HR% around 65% MAX HR (in the middle of between 60%-70% MAX HR). Set this app in one of your custom sports modes to show your real-time difference. Keep it between -5% or + 5% . Good luck!

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    Permillage meter for men (mug of beer)

    Multisport, Counter. Tomu

    This is for fun and parties :-) This App is for men! This App shows how much you have alcohol in your blood after drinking mugs of beer. You mark the number of mugs of beer you have enjoyed by pressing the LAP button AFTER you have drunk the mug. 1 lap = 1 mug of beer (0,5l, less than 4,7% of alcohol) = 18g of alcohol = 1,5 portion of alcohol I recommend to use 60s GPS interval with this app, so that the accu endures for the next morning and beyond. Do not trust this for e.g. driving a car. Do not come to blame me if cops do have a different opinion. This ought to be close but it's still for fun :-)


    10K Time

    Running, Estimate. josepap

    10K time calculates your estimated finish time for a 10K race


    Gradient %

    Training. Tekacc

    See your gradient in %


    10K time remaining

    Running, Estimate. Movescount

    There are many ways to guide your exercise intensity. Controlling pace is one of them. And 10K time remaining is a great way to stay on top of your pace. The App shows how much time is left until 10K is reached. Set it in your running mode and use the remaining time shown to help you adjust speed and avoid fatigue.

  • 121

    Cooper estimate

    Running, Guidance. Movescount

    This App shows you the distance you would achieve in a Cooper Test at your current pace. Set it in your running mode to see how your fitness level compares to Cooper. NOTE: This App works only when the duration of the exercise is below 12 minutes.


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