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Male, 42 years, Bozeman, United States
Mountain biking, Mountaineering, Ski touring… (+1 more)

2014 Trail Events:

Bighorn 50Mile June 21

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  • bradolwin

    20.6.2013 @ Move 15.6.2013

    Sorry you knee was bothering you but great run anyway!

  • jakejones808

    6.5.2013 @ gd23

    Hey Gar- Good to see you! All is well here. I'm just learning this suunto system, but so far so good!

  • jdyarington

    17.7.2012 @ Move 16.7.2012

    Jealous! That's an awesome run!

  • bradolwin

    4.7.2012 @ gd23

    In your hometown tonight on my way to Washington State, nice views!

    • gd23


      Hi Brad sorry i missed you, just now saw your message. hope you had a good trip to the NW! good luck training for the Rabbit...I may do the 50, not sure yet. best gar

    • bradolwin


      I was there only for one night, beautiful place and much greener than Boulder. I will make it up again some time and make sure we get together. Let me know if you come down for Steamboat. I have a room available the night I am running, which would be after you finishe the 50 if you go.

    • gd23


      Next time. Hope NW travel was good, that's where I'm originally from. Thanks for the invite in Steamboat...I'll let you know if i decide to come run the Rabbit and we can hopefully connect down there. How is training going for the 100? First 100? Looks like all the ultra stars will be there for the 100 hare race. Pretty cool.

  • bradolwin

    26.6.2012 @ Move 23.6.2012

    Nice job Gar. My Ambit lasted the entire time and would have gone 1-2h longer. They said somewhere and it was hard to find to turn off autolap or you won't get the 15h. I'll send you a screenshot of the settings I used.

    Next time I will try to find you and use a bungie cord:)

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    San Juan Solstice 50 Trail Race


    Trail running 12:30'44.1, 74.84 km.
    San Juan Solstice 50 Trail Run. 50 miles in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. 13K vertical and at altitudes between 8600' to 13200'. Finished with a time of 13 hours and 5 minutes. Super challenging and amazingly beautiful!! Unfortunately, my Suunto Ambit turned off at 12.5 hours on a full charge.


    Sun Mountain 50K Trail Race


    Trail running 5:04'20.5, 45.85 km.
    Sun Mountain 50K trail race. 29.1 miles with Garmin GPS watches, 28.5 with Suunto Ambit. Pretty course, good event. Wildflowers everywhere, 60degrees with only a little drizzle, and a few decent climbs. Felt really good overall.


    Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50K Race


    Trail running 5:24'24.4, 52.02 km.
    Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50K race. Dry, but super cold and windy. Ran solid for 24 miles, then hit a wall and struggled for the remainder. Happy I finished and good check-in on my long distance shape.

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