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Male, 35 years, Randburg, South Africa
Crosstrainer, Indoor cycling, Mountain biking… (+6 more)

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Brittany

    1.1.2013 @ garyf

    Happy new year Garyf! Have a great sporty year and all the best for you and your family!

  • sandrangasi

    6.11.2012 @ garyf

    Hello dear; i am Miss Sandra Ngasi; i saw your profile at this site and i will be happy to have a good relationship with you, please email me back at my private email ( i will give you my photo and tell you more about me immediately i get your reply at ( thanks your new friend Sandra

  • Jodyc

    17.3.2011 @ garyf

    Ja, my stuff is working great, thankx, I am getting the one guy at work to try and buy a suunto :)

  • Brittany

    3.2.2011 @ garyf

    Hi guy. Thanks for adding me to your friends list. I will follow your moves too. Are you fan of rugby?

    • Brittany


      I admit it's an historical team ('Cats' if I remember), but obviously it's not the best one nowadays... Anyway for me it's 'Toulouse' & the Fench XV of course...

  • garyf

    21.12.2010 @ garyf

    Hi Petrus give ma a call and i will walk you through it. Leon has my details

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    Back on the bike


    Mountain biking 1:24'22.7 Average heart rate 159 bpm, 10.23 km.


    CEBE 12 hour ride


    Mountain biking 1:38'19.1 Average heart rate 153 bpm.

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    Hi Everyone. What a day for all those who did IRONMAN SOUTH AFRICA. It sounds like the new bike route made a great change of scenery and in true PE fashion the wind reared its ugly head. So to those who felt a little disappointed with slower times, don’t be. The UCI MTB world cup was held at PMB at the week-end, with local downhill hero Greg Minaar making the podiums last step. There are two weeks to Tour Durban. So to the Durban locals I hope you are going to take advantage of the full road closure and take a tour of Durban. For those upcountry people, you welcome to join the fun. Until later Crusty Guy.


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    Please note: this is not an official support forum for Suunto watches or services, and currently this group is not actively monitored. You can get more information about Suunto products from - especially from Questions&Answers section in product pages. If you have any issues with our products&services, please contact our Contact Center for detailed support. Thank you!

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    Folks, lets try and get this group moving! Let everyone in on your adventure plans and what you are doing to prepare for them. Ask questions, help each other out.

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    Wear Yellow, Live Strong! Best commercial:

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    I changed the name into Ambit & t6d/c lovers. I have used the t6d for years with satisfaction. Now I also have the AMBIT: WOW!

    Virgin Active South Africa

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    Virgin Active Health Clubs bringing positive change to people’s lives, because life’s more fun when you move. With 92 Clubs and many more in the pipeline, we’re getting people moving and feeling great all over South Africa.

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