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i love DIVING more than anything, but can't do that every day.... so i do lots of running and other sports instead - in-between my diving holidays! :-)

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  • BetterNextYear

    2 weeks ago @ divegirl2372

    Twitter jitters, I can seldom compress my thoughts into 500 characters....just need to add my best wishes for a healthy pregnancy. Life is good. Have you picked out a name. Will your mother come from Russia to help with the baby? Questions. Questions.

  • BetterNextYear

    2 weeks ago @ divegirl2372

    Great to hear your happy news. It reminds me that I am missing some important installments of your life story. Will the daughter to come be your first child? Why Sandhurst? Are you married to a general? I have an 8 year-old son, who reminds me that parenting is an ambitious job. I hope your partner is up to the task. Hard to do solo. In my experience, daughters are more difficult than boys. I am on my 3rd wife, a beautiful fitness pro, who is 39. She said No to more kids. I would have said yes.

  • BetterNextYear

    5.4.2014 @ Move 5.4.2014

    Out flirting with the officers, I see. I hope you had good luck, and why not? You are beautiful without the Batman disguise.How is life above the water line treating you?Well, I hope. Cheers

  • BetterNextYear

    7.2.2014 @ divegirl2372

    Have you taken your annual junket to Egypt? I love your life is going well. Tell me your news.

  • RicardoJesus

    17.12.2013 @ Move 16.12.2013

    Merry Christmas Divegirl!!!

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    my LOGEST gym workout ever!


    Multisport 3:02'37.2 Average heart rate 132 bpm, 7.59 km.
    what a day! my LONGEST gym workout ever - indoor body step (my Sat regular class) followed by a special Virgin Active outdoor event: MEGA circuits and MOSTER Zumba classes!! Got nice tan in addition to a great workout and used in excess of 1,200 calories in one go! :-)


    the 1st move of my new 12-week training program!!


    Weight training 1:20'31.6 Average heart rate 102 bpm.
    BIG DAY today!! I have started a 12 week weight training program: today was Week1/Day 1 - focus on shoulders; i was doing some hip-hop dancing in my resting intervals (couldn't help it - the music was too good not to dance!) - i hope this won't make my end results worse!! :-)


    diving with hammers at Daedelus!!


    Scuba diving 1:12'00.


    my first hike this season!


    Trekking 4:58'31 Average heart rate 112 bpm, 19.76 km.
    the first hike of the season!! Tynham village to Durdle Door and back! :-) i used my T6d and GPS-pod first time for hiking today - so that now i know the actual elevation for all these hills!! 166 m is the tallest one.

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    longest run (so far)!


    Running 1:28'42.8 Average heart rate 148 bpm, 13.36 km.
    run from home to the Virginia Water lake, around the lake and then back home - this is the longest run I have ever done!! this is my longest run ever (to date)!! this is my longest run ever (to date)!!


    my move 500!!!!!


    Crosstrainer 0:49'18.7 Average heart rate 141 bpm, 2.10 km.
    cross-trainer workout at the gym, Marriott Sprowston Manor. My move number 500!!!! :-)


    Hiking from Brooks to the Needles at Isle of Wight


    Trekking 7:22'12 Average heart rate 94 bpm, 21.22 km.
    Day 4 at Isle of Wight: the TOP hike! We parked at Brooks and walked all the way to the Needles and back - the sea views are breath-taking on the way! It was also warm and sunny - my mom and I got sun burned a little by the end of the day! On the way back, just about a kilometre from our parking spot, we got into a very heavy albeit short rain with HUGE hale!!


    My dive no 700!!!


    Scuba diving 1:00'00.
    Ras Ghozlani, Ras Mohammed. This was my dive no. 700!!! And the first dive of this holiday, too.... It is so nice to get back into the water!! :-)

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    318.8km in Apr for Help for Heroes - last move!!!


    Roller skating 1:36'51.2 Average heart rate 118 bpm, 19.72 km.
    this is a very special move for me - as it completes my month's long challenge! I have committed to do 250km "moving" in April to fundraise for Help For Heroes. I had done 125km a month on average over the last 12 months, so it seemed a big enough challenge! I have done 318.8km as of today and have fundraised £344 from 27 donors so far!! It feels really good to accomplish this - especially, considering that I picked up for my challenge the wettest April in the century!!! :-)


    1st time roller-blading since 2001!!!


    Roller skating 2:21'20.5 Average heart rate 125 bpm, 19.19 km.
    wow!! this was my FIRST time roller-blading since 2001!!! A pair of brand new K2 was sitting in my wardrobe never used for over 10 years.... It was GREAT to finally put these to use - finally - today!!! :-) No doubt - there is more roller-blading to come! (Especially, that I DID remember how to break some time into my session today... lol...) Great Windsor Park is certainly a great place to do it!!

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    Movescount sends a perverse meta-message by featuring duration as a positive dimension of exercise. You’ll notice that “the most active members” of the HIIT group are listed by descending order of workload. A much better measure would be to list exercise by intensity. A Swedish study of 44,000 men showed that men who exercised for 5 or more hours a week at age 30 were 19% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat by 60 years of age than men who exercised 1 hour or less weekly. A German study found that people who exercised every day were more than twice as likely to die of a heart attack or stroke as those exercising 2-4 x a week. Research shows that 2 weeks of interval training can increase VO2max as much as up to 2 full months of endurance training.... Even with 90% lower training volume.Your goal when exercising should be to get the most intense workout in the shortest amount of time...then let your body fully recover. Maximize intensity, not exercise load.

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