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Male, 42 years, Edmonton, Canada
Crosscountry skiing, Running, Trail running… (+1 more)
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  • rolandhz

    8.7.2013 @ Moderate/Severe Route

    I love the parkland running. Too far for me right now though. Check out the new Edmonton Moves group by going into the community menu above and searching for our group.

  • Anonymous

    3.11.2012 @ dima

    <spam deleted>

  • Alex_G

    25.10.2012 @ dima

    как погода?

  • dima

    5.7.2012 @ Chukotka Route

    This exteremly cold route is used by myself only. Close to Kupol mine that operated and owned by Kinross Gold Corp. Does anyone run above the Polar Circle?

  • PhilVilleneuve

    30.12.2011 @ dima

    Hi Dima- I Just wanted to invite you to join the Suunto Canada group...We have regular contests and product giveaways, and this month we have a Suunto Quest up for grabs! Either way, let us know if you have any questions/concerns - I'll be glad to point you in the right direction! --PhilV (Suunto Canada)

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    Suunto Quest a perfect Sportwatch for every sports!!!

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    Welcome to the Suunto Canada group, where you can share and comment on anything relevant to the brand! If you haven't done so, visit the site for lots of 'HOW TO' videos to help you maximize your watches features! Facebook - Suunto: Facebook - Movescount: Twitter feed: @SuuntoCanada --PhilV

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