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Female, 41 years, Guaymas, Mexico
Aerobics, Circuit training, Indoor cycling… (+8 more)

1.Motivates me everything that makes me feel alive and connected with the nature and my breathing. 2.what inspires me are the new paths; 3.what makes me sweat is to resist a yummy dessert. damn!

0:27'04.6 Walking

1 weeks ago
Photo by dianaggarcia

0:46'21.2 Indoor cycling

2 weeks ago

Spinning bike class with Perla.. Great by the book teacher.

Photo by dianaggarcia

1:20'00 Scuba diving


Marine debris ...a few.

Photo by dianaggarcia
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  • BetterNextYear

    5 days ago @ dianaggarcia

    I am great -- about as great as one can be coming off a wicked flu. I am finishing a second book, after turning in one last month. My partners & I have launched a new TV network. It is doing well. We expect tobe in 80^ of US households by April. If it were not for ex-wives ,the IRS,and an arthritic shoulder, I would be riding high. And how are you? Your group picture looks like it wa taken on the streets of Buenos Aires on trash night. But I suppose not. There must be a story there. Do tell.

  • Ulvenlui

    1 weeks ago @ Move 16.1.2015

    bien Diana¡¡¡

  • BetterNextYear

    2 weeks ago @ Move 14.1.2015

    Fascinating photo, but what is it? I confess I am stumped, though it is create to se that you seem to be thriving. Tell me your news, please.

    • dianaggarcia

      2 weeks ago

      Hello BetterNextYear. took this picture last night at spinning bike class. they have this crazy lighting going on and makes up for a very interesting sight in deed. At some point i think they are trying to make us wonder if we are dying at class or is just the room setting. How are you??..

  • Ulvenlui

    2 weeks ago @ Move 14.1.2015

    muy bien Diana con photo¡¡¡

    • dianaggarcia

      2 weeks ago

      Jajaja UlvenLui! ya pude!! jajajaj excelente tip!!.

  • Ulvenlui

    2 weeks ago @ Move 13.1.2015

    haz fotos chulas y las compartes con todos nosotros....muchos saludos Diana

    • dianaggarcia

      2 weeks ago

      en eso ando ! gracias ahi las veras!!. Saludos.

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    Why am I never happy with the thing I do. I see what I have done, end its not enough. It looks that I have a long journey ahead of me. I prefer to die trying than just dream what it could it been.

    Where is the limit?

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    Welcome to the Where is the limit? Mafia!!! :-)

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    ”Thank you all for joining the Suunto Divers group, and congratulations to Kervin who has won the brand new Suunto D6i! Kervin; check your email and we’ll send you more information about how to receive your prize. Keep on diving everyone!”


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    June is pritty wet here in the Great Britain! Lots of preperation for the Olympics going on! Have u got tickets? Or will you be watching?

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    The new Group I has arrived........... what award are you going for? This will be where the Lepidoptera is judged :) You guys inspired me to do this one!!!

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