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Male, 32 years, Barcelona, España
Alpine skiing, Gymnastics, Not specified sport… (+4 more)

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    27.8.2013 @ Move 24.8.2013

    Chulo eh!!!! Nosotros estuvimos justamente hace 3 semanas. Llegamos desde Nuria. Brutal! Un abrazo!

  • ghvghvghv

    18.6.2013 @ danielmendezgil

    TRAIL ANDORRAAAAAAA Solo te quedan 4 dias, estás preparado!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teix

    20.3.2013 @ danielmendezgil

    He tuuuu!! No sabia que tenias un Suunto!! Bueno chavalote, a ver si nos vemos pronto!! Un abrazo!

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      4in1: Cardiac Drift, HR%, maxHR, maxSPD

      Running, Training. ppiioottrr

      4 APPs in just one! (even for Ambit1): 1) Cardiac Drift (check the great app by The_Ghost) 2) Your current HR% according to Karvonen 3) Max speed during the current lap 4) Max HR during the current lap You know that there is a limitation on having just one APP per mode in Ambit1. Well - I've just overcome this problem. This app displays four interesting things every 2nd secs (actually in the first Lap Cardiac Drift does not make any sense - so it is ommited - you won't see any error or dashes). I find it kind of boring to have just one custom APP, so I found a way how to combine different things into one. If you like this APP - pls, leave some comment. If you have any suggestion - the same. Enjoy!


      HR Zones (Karvonen)

      Training. guigui

      Target HR zones calculated with the Karvonen Formula: ((HRmax - HRrest) * %intensity ) + HRrest = THR (Target HR) The App will write down the zone# + the description, for example: Zn 1 Easy / Zn 2 Mod (for moderate), etc. The intensity levels are set to 60-70-80-90 percent, but you can change them in the custom variables if you copy and edit the App.


      Number of strokes

      Pool swimming, Training. Piotr

      Storm Alarm

      Environmental. Movescount

      Gives a storm alarm when sea level air pressure drops fast enough. The gradient limit is 4hPa per 3 hours.

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      Environmental. Movescount

      Shows the time of next sunset or sunrise, whichever is predicted to come first.


      Depth Meter / Profundimetro

      Pool swimming, Guidance. ivansuunto

      This App has been designed to give an estimated depth meter while diving. The results are shown in meters and the Alti/Baro should be set to Baromether while configuring the exercise mode in which you want to use it. Esta App ha sido diseñada para ofrecer una valor estimado de profundida durante el buceo. Los resultados se muestran en metros, y el modo Alti/Baro debe estar en Barometro cuando se configure el modo de ejercicio en el que se vaya a usar.


      Oxygen level (%)

      Mountaineering, Guidance. radku

      Oxygen level at the given altitude as percentage of maximum at the see level. Formula: (1+H+(H^2)/2+(H^3)/6+(H^4)/24)*100, with H = -ALTITUDE/7990


      50m Swimming pool conter

      Pool swimming, Training. Ayendr

      So confusing when you swim back and forth trying to count the pools to know the distance.. With this app, you won't need to, just press the lap button every time you push from the pool wall and get the distance on screeen! Works for 50m pool Public

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      10K time remaining

      Running, Estimate. Movescount

      There are many ways to guide your exercise intensity. Controlling pace is one of them. And 10K time remaining is a great way to stay on top of your pace. The App shows how much time is left until 10K is reached. Set it in your running mode and use the remaining time shown to help you adjust speed and avoid fatigue.


      How hard

      Guidance. Movescount

      Using heart rates zones is a useful way to control your exercise intensity. But if you need more precise guidance, this is the App for you. This app shows real-time intensity based on your own maximum heart rate. Set it in one of your custom sports modes and let your real-time exercise intensity guide you.


      Cooper estimate

      Running, Guidance. Movescount

      This App shows you the distance you would achieve in a Cooper Test at your current pace. Set it in your running mode to see how your fitness level compares to Cooper. NOTE: This App works only when the duration of the exercise is below 12 minutes.


      Half-marathon time

      Running, Estimate. Movescount

      Half-marathon time calculates your estimated finish time for a half-marathon in real-time. This is a great tool when striving for a new personal best. Include this app in your running mode and use it pace yourself to reach your goal.

    • 11317

      Marathon time

      Running, Estimate. Movescount

      Marathon time calculates your estimated finish time for a full marathon in real-time. This is a great tool when striving for a new personal goal. Include this App in your running mode and use it pace yourself to reach your goal.


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