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Male, 48 years, Woodland, United States
Circuit training, Kayaking, Martial arts… (+7 more)

lets take it up a notch old man!

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  • buck_biscuit

    13.1.2015 @ buck_biscuit

    time to take it up a notch; old man!

  • buck_biscuit

    21.7.2014 @ Move 17.7.2014

    always been happy w/ watch until now. 2 rides this week inwhich the ride was not recorded properly. This one totally quit. One other it picked up later and finished with a big blank section.What the Heck!?

  • kjryan59

    3.12.2013 @ buck_biscuit

    Welcome back and thanks for the follow.....

  • VickyJ

    20.3.2012 @ Move 18.3.2012

    great work. Take it easy on sore knees :-)

  • Slug

    17.1.2012 @ buck_biscuit

    welcome to all the pods, well you have the best motivation of all, and your statement is a good reminder that our health is our wealth. have you done your run with your daughter ?

    • buck_biscuit


      We were on our way to the starting line. My daughter came down with a horrible stomach flue. I took her home and made it back just in time for the starting gun. That was couple months ago. We'll do another run in early spring.

    • Slug


      You will have to do it , things like that are special , keep up the great work rate ;0))

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