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Female, 41 years, New York, United States
Circuit training, Indoor cycling, Running… (+2 more)

I am motivated by my response to exercise. Feeling powerful, connected, more lifted, happier, and hopeful at the end of a workout. I think that I might do another marathon, train for a spring triathlon, or become great at yoga. Feeling healthy and comfortable motivates me. Exercise makes me feel that life is mysterious and filled with opportunity.

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  • jlal

    30.10.2010 @ Move 29.10.2010

    you should have some time showing up in VERY HARD bar

  • jlal

    30.10.2010 @ Move 29.10.2010

    what's your Max HR profiled at in watch, movescount will take MAx from watch and set in profile--the 31 mins in blue moderate zone looks too much, your intensity was higher than that--

  • jlal

    30.10.2010 @ brettco

    what about your t6?

  • jlal

    30.10.2010 @ brettco

    cool pic! how's training in the country--yeah yoga has been kick ass, just so far you can take it--fingertip hanstnads--dice

  • jlal

    26.10.2010 @ brettco

    sorry for all comments--you can see details of my last workout--just click blue link below workout that says check this Move!

    • brettco


      I am psyched for the comments! I would love to get a good workout from you. I had a pretty lazy workout and had my wathc at home so I guessed that the TE was low but maybe 2 is too low...By the way what is KB?

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