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Male, 57 years, Berthoud, United States
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My Events for 2014.

Zion Traverse 48 miles 4/12/14 Zion_Traverse_E-W

May 10 Quad_Rock_50_Mile

June 14 Bryce_100

August 15 Fat_Dog_100_(120_mile)

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  • RichardLayne

    2 days ago @ bradolwin

    Unsure if I will be able to do the trips up here. My back is causing all kinds of problems. I walk everyday over one hour with a 43 pound load-less than half of what I need to get to by the first of January. Very discouraging, but still continue. Again, hats off for your accomplishment, particularly with that foot hampering you.

  • RichardLayne

    3 days ago @ Move 26.7.2014

    Wow! The day will never come that I can do something like you just completed. Next winter I am hoping to complete 50 miles in 11 days.

    • bradolwin

      2 days ago

      Thanks Richard but I don't think I could ever solo hike the divide up North in winter so my hat is off to you!

  • tiestvangool

    3 days ago @ Move 26.7.2014

    One word: Bradmachine!

    • bradolwin

      3 days ago

      Hey, thanks for the shout but I was an hour slower than I wanted to be---still having some left ankle/heel issues.

  • cruzin_gramps

    1 weeks ago @ Move 19.7.2014

    Dude... Awesome run, great PICs. That's what it's all about!

    • bradolwin

      6 days ago

      Thanks, this was a fun one, did the Mtn two year ago and decided to return.

  • costa_t

    2 weeks ago @ Move 12.7.2014

    The view is insane! Great photography! Might as well stop your race and enjoy the view for hours!

    • bradolwin

      2 weeks ago

      Not bad huh? This is an incredible place only 5 hours away by car.

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  • evaiva
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    Green Mountain


    Running 4:04'24.1 Average heart rate 143 bpm, 28.97 km.
    More than I bargained for! Home-Santias Valley-Veiwpoint-Gregory Canyon to Green Mtn Summit back on Ute-Flagstaff-Veiwpoint up Sanitas Valley to 1/2 pt then N Boulder Park Home. Nearly 5000 ft elevation gain/loss Ouch


    Best Solo Trail Run 2011


    Trail running 7:20'08.7 Average heart rate 129 bpm, 40.10 km.
    Thought this was going to be a 16 mile run, turned out to be more than I bargained for...a good hard weekend. Garmin 24.94 and Suunto with Mini Foot pod 24.92!!


    Wind River Trail Run


    Trail running 8:37'23.2 Average heart rate 119 bpm, 37.17 km.
    Day 2 Tour de Wind River-autopause on Total time with stops(photos, water, etc) was 12:59:28. Moving time is shown


    My first 50 mile Race


    Trail running 10:33'00, 80.47 km.
    Had a good race. My hamstring on my left leg started cramping with 4 mi to so I finished slower than I wanted. Happy with my time. Used a Forerunner 310Xt to record. Details are here if interested.

  • 65

    Dirty 30 Race


    Trail running 7:15'37.5, 51.21 km.
    Did far better than I thought I would, left HR strap behind, maybe a good thing!! Felt very good for most of the race, was hoping to break 7h but did not quite make it. What an amazing race! Finished 4/18 in 50+; 22/40 in Masters (30+); 89/199 overall


    Green Mtn 19+ mi! 4600 ft elevation


    Running 4:09'49.7 Average heart rate 146 bpm, 31.63 km.
    Ran from home to Green Mtn Summit and back!


    Hardest 50 mile in the country-I believe it!


    Trail running 13:43'41.3 Average heart rate 140 bpm, 78.35 km.
    Fitting that this was my 1000th move! Hardest race/run I have ever done. Hot and smokey, my time was an hour longer than I hoped but happy with my performance.


    Dirty Thirty 50K


    Trail running 6:45'30.7 Average heart rate 147 bpm, 50.49 km.
    30 min faster than last year! Downhill matters. Turns out Garmin 910XT (I checked the GC site) and Ambits measured the same distance (30.5 miles) Distance above is from Google-don't know who is right. I should watch where my feet are going a little better, then I won't be staring at the ground wondering what happened. I should watch where my feet are going a little better, then I won't be staring at the ground wondering what happened.

  • 144

    Birthday Run at 55


    Trail running 8:49'25.2 Average heart rate 130 bpm, 45.38 km.
    55th Birthday Run, Epic in the snow lots of postholing. Foot pod died 1/2 way, think I need a new battery


    Bighorn 100 Mile Race


    Trail running 28:05'36 Average heart rate 123 bpm, 161.3 km.
    Bighorn 100 Overall 42 of 125 Age 50-59 7 of 20 Corrected distance and official time


    Rim to Rim to Rim


    Trail running 12:28'05.4 Average heart rate 136 bpm, 74.99 km.


    Quad Rock Race


    Trail running 12:05'18.8 Average heart rate 137 bpm, 80.94 km.
    Quad Rock, a hard race and a hard course but bettered my time from last year by over 30 min.

  • 22

    Trans Zion


    Trail running 12:56'34.5 Average heart rate 129 bpm, 79.67 km.
    Trans Zion, slower than I wanted it to be but beautiful.

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    23.2.2014, Movescount
    Running, Training

    Rumour tells that one of the secrets behind the success of Kenyan runners is that they run accelerating runs. Inspired by this method of training this App gives you pace guidance through your accelerating run. The start pace is taken from the first half mile and then pace is increased (duration per mile decreased) with 5sec/mi for every half mile. Thus you can adjust your run by selecting the pace for the first half mile.



    6.2.2014, Movescount
    Running, Training

    Orthostatic heartrate test is a common way of testing state of recovery. Make an own sport mode for this purpose, set GPS OFF, search for HR belt and set recording interval to 1 second. Do this test every morning by creating a six and a half minute log. Follow the result on daily basis and detect problems before it is too late. Your body will react differently depending on the state of recovery, illness or overtraining. Follow your own values to learn how your body works. This is how it works: Lay down and start the log. First 5 minutes is average rest HR while laying down. Then watch beeps. Stand up and wait half a minute until the watch beeps again. Stand still and let the watch measure one minute average HR while standing. The watch beeps and the test is ready. Orthostatic HR is now shown as the difference between the stand up HR and the rest HR.



    6.2.2014, Movescount
    Running, Performance

    This is an interval run 6x1km with increasing intensity and heartrate based recovery in between. The training starts with a 10min warm up. The intensity remains steady inside the interval but HR target level increases for every interval. During the interval heartrate is guided and distance left shown. When interval distance is complete there is a recovery period where heartrate should come down to 65% of your personal max heartrate. When your heartrate gets down to 65% of your max HR the next hard interval starts automatically with new HR guidance. Interval session ends after last recovery period.

    HR + Training zon...

    24.1.2014, MondoL

    I wear glasses and by night I cannot read small numbers without them. I liked the original HR Zones (Karvonen) app by guigui but I also wanted to see the HR in the same screen in BIG LETTERS so retouched the original APP to meet my needs. The result here is the HR followed by a . and then the training zone, so 135.2 means you are at 135 beats per minute and its your training zone 2 If you want to record at which training zone you are, use simultaneously with the original HR Zones (Karvonen) app

  • 2336

    Downhills Counter...

    13.12.2013, ppiioottrr
    Snowboarding, Counter

    Automatically counts the number of snowboard/ski downhill runs plus additional instant analysis! Without pressing any button you will see: 1) RUN - the number of downhill runs (downhills are automatically detected!) 2) mxS - max speed for the current downhill (visible if you descent by more than 15m, and then on a chair-lift before you ascent by 15m - for the rest of the time it's chair-lift speed - also good to know! ;-) 3) avS - average speed for the current run (positive values are for downhill and negative for chair-lift) 4) ELV - that's elevation in meters, e.g. the difference between the top of the hill and the current altitude (while going downhill) and for chair-lift it answers the question: how many meters did we 'climb-up' already 5) DST - another magic - while going down it shows you the distance covered in the current run, and when you are already on a chair-lift (and ascent by more than 15m) then you will see the cumulative downhill distance! (i.e. the total distance yo...


    Ski Slope Speed

    1.12.2013, firetrigger_one
    Alpine skiing, Performance

    This app uses both your GPS Horizontal Speed and your Downhill Descent Rate to calculate your ACTUAL speed relative to the slope you're shredding. It reads out continuously as you descent and will allow you to check your actual speed vs the native GPS horizontal speed readings of your device.


    Virtual Pacer (Ha...

    11.10.2013, or_watching_apps

    /* IMPERIAL units: Minutes/Mile /* Set Target "Pace" time by walking in circles before pressing Start /* Usually a 25ft (10 meter) circle works well. /* Unlike "Lap-adjustable" Apps, the Lap count is preserved for it's usual purposes /* Walk Clockwise to increase the Pace value. Counter-clockwise decreases the value /* While adjustment is active, the prefix is "Pace+-" /* To lock in the pace, stop moving. The display prefix changes to "Wait.." /* Once the pace is locked the display prefix shows "PACE =". The performance of the adjustment phase depends on the quality of the GPS signal. From a cold start, sometimes 30-60s is required after "GPS found" to get stable behavior.


    4in1 Interval Tra...

    28.9.2013, ppiioottrr
    Running, Training

    This is a variation of made for interval trainings. Here is how it works - you switch with the help of Lap button between "Training" and "Rest" modes - the apps shows you every 3 secs: [*A*] In the TRAINING MODE: (1) TRN - duration in minutes (e.g. "TRN 0.5 min" means 30 seconds), (2) mxS - maximum speed in km/h (e.g. "mxS 5.4 kmh"), (3) mxH - maximum HR in beats per minute (e.g. "mxH 181.0 bpm"), (4) HR% - HR percentage according to Karvonen method (restHR=0%, maxHR=100%), e.g. "HR 67.3 %" (5) drf - Cardiac Drift in % that compares your performance between the current training mode and the previous (training - not resting) mode, e.g. "drf 5.6 %" means that you've worsen by 5.6% (e.g. to keep the same speed you needed to increase your HR by 5.6%) NOTE - it is NOT shown in the 1st Lap (only in 3rd, 5th, 7th, and so onn). [*B*] in the REST MODE: (1) RST - duration in minutes (e.g. "RST 1.5 min" means 90secon...

  • 1933

    Sleep Monitor - R...

    20.9.2013, ppiioottrr
    Multisport, Performance

    Check how well you sleep! And identifiy your rest HR! How to identify your rest HR? Well, with this APP it is easy - have a sleep with your belt and in the morning you will have all the data in your Ambit - just transfer it to Movescount and check your charts. Just before a sleep or right after you will see on your Ambit the approximation of your RestHR so far - and you don't have to sleep with the watch - just place it close to your bed. 1) Save this APP 2) Add it to one of your sport modes 3) Enable logging of data - you will be able to see a chart for SLEEP MONITOR - REST HR IDENTIFICATION 4) I configured just two screens for "SleepWell" sport mode: the first with: HR Rate, this APP, and Calories; the second screen with a graph for HR Rate 5) After a sleep it is fun to analyze your HR graphs and "restHR" graph - you can easily identify your rest rate and adjust it manualy in your Ambit (it is not like with SUUNTO_USER_MAX_HR, which is being adjusted automaticaly!) Enjoy!


    Workout and Refuel

    9.9.2013, Movescount
    Running, Consumption

    Inspired by Aleksandra Mikołajczak and Miriam Plana, this App will help you fuel your body the right way after your exercise by showing you how many grams of fat, protein and carbs you should eat. The App is all about energy consumption.



    15.8.2013, DMartin
    Tools for daily use

    This app Shows : - days since the last full moon - days until the next full moon - shows full moon - Shows moon phases (+ or - after d) waxing : Display = FULL xxx d+ wanning : Display = FULL xxx d- In the code-Editor you have to Change your UTC if you are outside Central European Time! (second line in editor) You do not need GPS. Movescount display an error in the test area but it works on the AMBIT. SEE ALSO APP SUN : sunrise/sunset SEE ALSO APP SUN(+) : sunrise/dawn SEE ALSO APP SUN(-) : sunset/dusk


    Powermeter 2.0

    23.7.2013, pfandi
    Cycling, Performance

    Leistungsberechnung im Untergriff nach Powercalculation Bugfix: wrong calculation of climb rate

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    Ski Runs

    22.7.2013, Anonymous
    Alpine skiing, Counter

    This app implements the "lap" counter as it works in the Altimax or the Core. It calculates the number of ski runs, or the number of hill climbs, or the number of thermals during a paraglider flights, etc. You do not need to press the lap button. A new ski run starts after an ascent of at least 50 m (150 feet). That is, you must ascend at least 50 m before a new descent will count as a new ski run. You can test it by moving the Altitude slider up and down a couple of times.


    Storm Alarm

    12.4.2013, Movescount

    Gives a storm alarm when sea level air pressure drops fast enough. The gradient limit is 4hPa per 3 hours.



    12.4.2013, Movescount

    Shows the time of next sunset or sunrise, whichever is predicted to come first.


    Oxygen level (%)

    30.11.2012, radku
    Mountaineering, Guidance

    Oxygen level at the given altitude as percentage of maximum at the see level. Formula: (1+H+(H^2)/2+(H^3)/6+(H^4)/24)*100, with H = -ALTITUDE/7990

  • 11

    Steady intensity

    29.11.2012, Movescount

    Good for basic training or speed training, steady intensity helps you control your heart rate. Set it in one of your custom sports modes and keep the value at zero once you have reached your desired workout intensity to avoid over exertion.


    Current incline

    29.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Guidance

    Want to know the real incline of the hill or mountain you are heading up? Use this App to find out. Set this in one of your custom sport modes and press lap when starting each climb to see your real-time incline.


    Average stride le...

    28.11.2012, Movescount
    Running, Counter

    If you are working on your running technique, this is a great App to help you perfect your stride. Stride length has a direct impact on your metabolic efficiency. Every runner has a different stride, and the stride also depends on footwear. Set it as one of your views in your running mode to see the length of your stride as you run. To find your optimal stride, use this App to test what stride length feels best while you are running at a moderate intensity (60-70% max HR). NOTE: Requires Foot POD.


    Climb counter

    6.11.2012, Movescount
    Trail running, Counter

    Climb counter is for running hill sprints. After a couple sprints, it’s easy to lose count. Climb counter keeps track of how many sprints you have done. Just push the lap button once at the top of the first hill. After that, the app will count each sprint and show you the current total count.


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