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Male, 37 years, Copenhagen, Denmark
Circuit training, Climbing, Cycling… (+7 more)

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

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  • joymab1

    3.3.2012 @ aalfaro

    Hello, My name is Joy, i got you from and i want to have a good relationship with you, please i need your cooperation,contact me with my email adress, ( ) am yours Joy. thanks, Joy

  • AnnaLena

    2.8.2011 @ Move 30.7.2011

    Damn! :) 260 km/h max-speed! How do you do that?;))

    • aalfaro


      hahaha... as I was trying to tell you these GPS pots are very unreliable and most of the time stop receiving signal and few minutes later start again registering crazy speeds, or no registering any data at all. Roughly trust the mean speed or check the route somewhere else on the net later.

    • AnnaLena


      I always check the route later! :) MY watch DOES NOT have Gps! :))

  • Coca

    27.7.2011 @ aalfaro

    thanks for the follow- get moving x

    • aalfaro


      Thanks, I won't stop moving ;-)

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    Hej :O) til dem af jer der har Suunto Ambit2 og Ambit2 S - så kan i glæde jer til at den nye funktion i Suunto Ambit2 R, hvor man får løbekadencen via håndleddet - kommer som en funktion i næste software update fra Suuntos side! Regner med at den dukker op indenfor de næste 8 uger via Moveslink2. Der ud over har vi fået Suunto Ambit2 R HR i White og Black i shoppen. I er velkommen til at tjekke den ud. keep training - mh Torben - Afdelingsleder

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    Share with us your most favorite sport/activity in the shoutbox! Also if you would like to emphasize your specific activity: use the shout box. This time it is funny to see that "Roanne" changed his team activity rugby into triathlon while "MichalBeranek" does the HEAT program, fitness as a team. Nice guys, keep on doing your thing! Which of you has done a bungy jump, measured with your T3? And if you will, don't forget to set your interval #1 at 15 sec and interval #2 at OFF.

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    A generar Movimientos !!!!!

    Canicross, running, biking and racing with dogs

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    Info 2014 races in the Netherlands:

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    Did you see the video from Erwan Le Corre? Probably. Now you can watch it again here:


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