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Male, 55 years, Sandpoint, United States
Alpine skiing, Kayaking, Mountain biking… (+4 more)

"Wonsllaf" is "Snowfall" spelled backwards. "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning how to dance in the snow" ~I made that up, or perhaps improvised from "learning how to to dance in the rain" quote. :) As the seasons pass, perhaps I should change my name to "Niarllaf".

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  • VickyJ

    5.5.2014 @ Move 4.5.2014

    Wonsy??? Is it really you? Wow I thought we had lost you for a moment there. Welcome back.

  • VickyJ

    14.1.2014 @ Wonsllaf

    No Moves wonsy?

  • manuelbustelo

    2.4.2013 @ Wonsllaf

    Hey buddy! What's up? No more moves?

    • Wonsllaf


      Looking for batteries. Don't count me out!

    • manuelbustelo


      I won't. Sometimes it's good to relax. No worries!

  • VickyJ

    28.2.2013 @ Move 22.2.2013

    Were there is snow, so shall you be :-)

  • Julien_Sapy

    25.2.2013 @ Wonsllaf

    Hi Wonsllaf ! Keep on Skiing & Enjoy ! I will try to dance in the snow but I doubt I can do as well as you :-D Best wishes for your sport projects :-)

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    Back country skiing


    Alpine skiing 5:01'09 Average heart rate 112 bpm.
    Powder day at the ski mountain. Crazy idea to ski out of bounds in search of more powder at the end of the day. Behold there is no chair lift to take you back up. More hiking than skiing this day!


    Hiking after a lift ride.


    Alpine skiing 5:00'09.9 Average heart rate 130 bpm.
    I asked myself why anybody would spend good money for skis that can hike. We have perfectly good lifts that should take us where we want to be. Epic powder to those that know !




    Alpine skiing 2:36'18.9 Average heart rate 95 bpm.
    Good day skiing, weather a bit challenging. Took my 12 year old to an avalanche training course. She was grinning when she found the body under the snow with the probe, but a little surprised that we didn't dig it out. Albeit, she knew it wasn't a real person - she wanted to see what was under there!


    Best registered day of the year actually!


    Alpine skiing 4:13'51.5 Average heart rate 110 bpm.
    2nd best best pow day of the year. Clouds of fluffy snow, I must be living in heaven. Yes, another day of hooky from work.

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    Early ski


    Alpine skiing 2:06'23.8 Average heart rate 120 bpm.
    Earliest the ski mountain has opened in 25 years, yet only open half way up the hill. I love this program. I can see my stretch in the morning (base elevation), then first run where I am a bit of a rebel and went where other skiers are not suppose to go - 2 feet of powder over my knees, but head plant early into the run. Thank god for helmets - I hit the ground under the snow and spent a little time looking for my skis. Good boy thereafter and stayed on the groomed runs with everybody else.


    Reverse of move #51 w/ some xtra trail.


    Mountain biking 1:48'13 Average heart rate 151 bpm, 19.81 km.
    Move #57 - It just gets harder to reach TE 5.

    Pushing it!

    Photo by wonsllaf

    Round About

    Photo by wonsllaf


    Photo by wonsllaf

    Move #51


    Mountain biking 1:33'25.3 Average heart rate 152 bpm, 14.69 km.
    Ski bib #51; age 51; move #51.......great ride. :) Move 51 Move 51



    Beginning of move 51

    Photo by wonsllaf

    Mud & Fun


    Mountain biking 1:47'47.7 Average heart rate 157 bpm, 12.63 km.
    Still muddy single track, way fun. :)

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    Best Powder day in 2011'


    Alpine skiing 5:32'42.4 Average heart rate 111 bpm.
    Best powder day of the year....April 6th. 23,000 ft decent in knee deep powder - awesome!



    Last day skiing 4/6/11 - best powder day of the year.

    Photo by wonsllaf
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