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Female, 41 years, Mt Lofty, Australia
Circuit training, Cycling, Indoor cycling… (+10 more)

Life is a journey not a destination. May mine be filled with awesome adventures and wild experiences.

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  • yakka

    1 weeks ago @ VickyJ

    here is a good yoga site i spliced a few together (mp4) and i put it on the tele (with a stick) and watch as i do it to learn as a routine.

  • Brittany

    3 weeks ago @ Move 24.11.2014

    Oh no I don't think you are a girl's blouse at all! Shift your nightgown for 'the eye of the tiger' spirit...

    • VickyJ

      3 weeks ago

      Thanks Brittany. Next time I do this test (which consists of 325 kettlebell swings and 325 squat thrusts) , I am quite determined to complete it all in under 35 minutes. ROAR!

  • yakka

    19.11.2014 @ Move 19.11.2014

    that is a VERY tough workout

    • VickyJ


      Tell me about it! Still I always feel energised for the day once its done.

  • Brittany

    13.11.2014 @ Move 14.11.2014

    Indeed you must feel as a ruler of the world after such work! I'm an evening person so I prefer to get started more smoothly...

    • VickyJ


      Thanks Brittany. I find that working out early helps me get through the day. Although there is that first moment when I wake up when I have to give myself a talking to to get out of bed and go.

  • yakka

    7.11.2014 @ Move 6.11.2014

    that looks like what I have been looking for something stretchy and dynamic, the gardens is a good run and Im gonna get back in front

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  • davidb4350
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    first swimming move


    Pool swimming 0:34'48.1, 1.10 km.
    Okay petals. My first time swimming laps since I was at school (nearly two decades ago!). I did think I was going to drown in the first 50 metres but I got the hang of the breathing thing after that. :-) last lap was a me celebrating with a bit of breaststroke and really really bad back stroke:-D


    practise run at noosa


    Running 2:06'28.2 Average heart rate 170 bpm, 21.20 km.
    Practise run for Noosa Half. Course is realy flat compared with Toowoomba. Footpod needs recalibrating as it read 23km. Really happy with my time. BP for this distance. Makes 1:45 on the day feel definately acheivable.


    First ever anaerobic theshold test


    Running 0:21'00 Average heart rate 163 bpm.
    anarobic theshold test. results heart rate deflection=184bpm at 14km/hr . Speed VO2max=14.61km/hr. VO2max=51.1 ml/kg/min.


    Best feeling move so far


    Running 1:32'28.2 Average heart rate 165 bpm, 13.55 km.
    Have to get my foot pod on and calibrated. got my heart rate to 192 bpm. fantastic day. no self control but oh what a feeling!!

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    Running 2:31'26.8 Average heart rate 158 bpm, 21.12 km.
    21.1 yeh. thats what I'm talking about.


    July 5km goal


    Running 0:28'21.6 Average heart rate 184 bpm, 5.24 km.
    my running goal for this month. 5km in under 30minutes. I am very happy with this :-)

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  • I exercise to eat

    61 members

    So 2014 Is here. Spring is nearly turning to summer in the north and the winter is nearly upon us in the south. For me its that time of year for hearty stews, buttered beans and large slabs of fresh bread with lashings of butter. Would I do another 1 hour on the bicycle for that? You bet! :-) Eat well and exercise often :-)

    Sunshine Coast Movers

    24 members

    Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. -- Jim Rohn

    Group I

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    The new Group I has arrived........... what award are you going for? This will be where the Lepidoptera is judged :) You guys inspired me to do this one!!!

    VickyJ's groovy moves

    1 members

    A new year is upon us again. I have resolved to begin the journey to fitness. Goals for the year. 1. 20kg of unwanted fat removed from my body. 2. Do 20kg kettlebell Turkish getups 3. Complete 10 1 minute intevals 30kg kettlebell swings 4. Run 5km without injury (I just can't let go :-) ) 5. Be able to crawl 100m with my knees off the ground, forwards and backwards.

  • Orca Pod

    12 members

    Welcome to all new members of Orca Pod. Happy Swimming everyone :-)

    I am a Squeezer because...

    31 members

    How will the season change the way you work out if at all?

    The Old Hippo's

    10 members

    A Warm welcome to all the Hippos of old. It would lovely to catch up with you all. :-) Keep Moving :-)

    Firm Bottoms

    13 members

    This group has served it's purpose and is now defunct. For a group with lots of discussion and fun I recommend:

  • What is your favourite music for running?

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