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Male, 32 years, Amstetten, Österreich
Cycling, Indoor cycling, Mountain biking… (+5 more)

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    15950 kcal

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  • MichiR

    9.4.2011 @ Move 4.9.2010

    aha, ok, dann ist das bei meiner alten t6 noch anders. ich muss auch jedesmal vorher den pod connecten.

  • Triathlet27

    7.4.2011 @ Move 4.9.2010

    nur beim laufen gesplittet mit Rundenzeiten, sonst durchlaufen lassen

  • MichiR

    6.4.2011 @ Move 4.9.2010

    hallo, tolle zeit beim halfiron in saalfelden. wie hast du denn die zeiten gesplittet zwischen schwimmen/radfahren/laufen immer nur split oder stop, neu connected und dann wieder start ...?

  • Triathlet27

    12.10.2010 @ Move 26.9.2010

    I think it is a very good step and a very good last race for this season.

  • luisja

    3.10.2010 @ Move 26.9.2010

    ok very good step, although very exhausted don´t you think?

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    Linz Marathon 2015


    Running 5:03'47.1 Average heart rate 155 bpm, 42.91 km.


    Berlin Marathon 2014 ( 1.Marathon )


    Running 4:44'37.7 Average heart rate 160 bpm, 43.07 km.


    Tria Team Nö Wet Vereinsmeisterschaft


    Triathlon 0:45'42.2 Average heart rate 175 bpm, 11.23 km.
    Hengstbergman - Tria Team Nö West Vereinsmeisterschaft


    Linz Sprint Triathlon 11.05.2013


    Triathlon 1:29'17.2 Average heart rate 169 bpm, 32.45 km.
    Linz Sprint Triathlon ( 0,75/25/5,1 ), Test - Triathlon. Schwimmen ging so, Rad war gut, Laufen war besser als gedacht.

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    Half Ironman Saalfelden


    Triathlon 5:09'09.3 Average heart rate 162 bpm, 95.69 km.
    Schwimmen Sehr Gut, Rad fahren Gut, Laufen Befriedigend, hatte zum schluß schon sehr schwere Beine,


    Olympischer Triathlon Ober - Grafendorf


    Triathlon 2:14'06.5 Average heart rate 155 bpm, 45.25 km.
    Gefühl super, letzte Laufrunde super hart


    Half Ironman Saalfelden 2008


    Triathlon 5:06'05.8 Average heart rate 166 bpm, 90.93 km.
    30.08.2008 13:28:26 Endzeit 5:00:39

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    Summer is gone.. winter comes!

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    Sport to the people

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    The wait it over ... at least temporary. Suunto released the Movescount Android App on the 4th of May 2015 and labeled it as "open beta". That means, after a few short tests, that a few (many) functions do not work properly, e.g. notifications. Sunnto said they will debug with frequent updates in the next few weeks. Even if a few things don't work, please support the Suunto development team with constructive input. Anyway please join this group to show Suunto how big the Android user community on Movescount is. Please share on all social media channels to make this group as strong as it really is! ** UPDATE 05.05.2015: Suunto created an extra Website for the Android beta app with tips news and feature list:

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  • % HR

    Running, Training. alexzemog

    Actual HR as a ratio of Max HR



    Pool swimming, Training. ehrbus

    distanz in metern


    HR Zones based on Lactate Test Results

    Cycling, Training. Digdog

    Show actual heart rate training zones based on results from lactate testing in a fitness lab (for Ambit v1 or v2)


    Storm Alarm

    Environmental. Movescount

    Gives a storm alarm when sea level air pressure drops fast enough. The gradient limit is 4hPa per 3 hours.

  • 18988


    Environmental. Movescount

    Shows the time of next sunset or sunrise, whichever is predicted to come first.


    Training Zone (zone, not %)

    Performance. Lowieke

    Training Zone, using the Karvonen formula ie relative to the HF dynamic range. This app converts % to zones as follows: 50-60%: Zone 1, Moderate Activity (Maintenance/Warm-up); 60-70%: Zone 2, Weight Control (Fitness/Fat Burn); 70-80%: Zone 3, Aerobic (Cardio Training/Endurance); 80-90%: Zone 4, Anaerobic (Hardcore Training); 90-100%: Zone 5, VO2Max (Maximum Effort). It's (mis)using the App rounding characteristic to drive the zone number directly. Unfortunately less than 50% generates minus zones, couldn't avoid it. Zones over 5 shouldn't come up if your HFMax is set properly, that's unless you're suffering from sudden cardiac arrhythmia. Enjoy.


    Gradient %

    Cycling, Guidance. K3llari

    Current gradient % calculated from vertical/horizontal speed.


    Karvonen Training Zones

    Training. Bucheror

    ------------------------ The Karvonen formula is the gold standard for training zones. It is based on your Reserve Heart Rate, the difference between your maximum HR and your Rest HR, rather than only the max heart rate. 50% to 60%: Recovery and weight loss zone. 60% to 70%: The heart starts to benefit from the exercise. Slow and long distance exercise. Fat is the primary fuel and therefore good zone for weight loss. 70% to 80%: Aerobic zone - This is the optimal zone to workout in to increase your cardio-respitory capacity or the bodies ability to transport oxygenated blood to the muscle cells and carbon dioxide away from the cells. 80% to 90%: Cross over from aerobic training to anaerobic. Training in this zone will improve performance and dealing with Lactic acid. Training in this zone is felt as hard. 90% to 100%: Red Line Zone - You will only be able to train in this zone for short periods of time. You should not train at this level unless you are very fit. In this zone lactic ...

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    Virtual Partner Based on Pace

    Running, Training. QbaKrause

    This apps shows in meters how far behind or ahead of the Virtual Partner you are at the moment. The Virtual Partner runs with a constant, predefined pace set in mins/km, in the third line of the formula.


    Kinetic Road machine trainer (Power)

    Indoor cycling, Training. Anonymous

    Equation taken from kinetic website The imperial unit conversion for speed was needed to convert to MPH Hope this is a useful app to someone . :-)


    4:00 Marathon time

    Running, Competition. teemum

    Wan't to hit 4:00 marathon time? (5'41 min/km) Use this App to see in real time how you are doing compared to the target time. App shows the distance you are ahead/behind the target. If value is negative, you're running too slow. If value is positive you're going too fast. Try too keep it in zero!


    interval trainer

    Running, Training. harry93

    Counts down from 30 seconds after pressing lap (improved version)

  • 2417

    Real time hill incline (%)

    Trekking, Guidance. radku

    Real time hill incline as percentage (100% = 45 degrees).


    25m Swimming pool counter

    Pool swimming, Counter. Ayendr

    So confusing when you swim back and forth trying to count the pools to know the distance.. With this app, you won't need to, just press the lap button every time you push from the pool wall and get the distance on screeen! Works for 25m pool


    % HR with one digit

    Performance. Irski

    I like to see HR value and % of max HR at same time.


    Ghost Previous Lap

    Running, Training. DCrocket

    Run against yourself

  • 8410

    10K time remaining

    Running, Estimate. Movescount

    There are many ways to guide your exercise intensity. Controlling pace is one of them. And 10K time remaining is a great way to stay on top of your pace. The App shows how much time is left until 10K is reached. Set it in your running mode and use the remaining time shown to help you adjust speed and avoid fatigue.


    Steady cadence

    Cycling, Target / Goal. Movescount

    Whether cycling or running, changes in cadence can indicate fatigue, over excitement, lack of concentration, and so on. Use this App to focus on your technique and watch for signs of over or under exertion. Set it in one of your custom sports modes and keep the value at zero once you have reached your desired cadence. The App is based on lap cadence, so you will need to exercise using laps or autolaps. NOTE: Requires Cadence POD or Foot POD.


    Optimal cycling cadence

    Cycling, Guidance. Movescount

    There is a wide range of cycling styles, with some riders pedaling at a mere 60 rpm while others are spinning at 100 rpm or more. This app assumes an optimal cadence is around 90 rpm. Set this app in one of your custom sports modes to show your real-time difference to the optimal cadence. NOTE: Requires Cadence POD.


    Marathon time

    Running, Estimate. Movescount

    Marathon time calculates your estimated finish time for a full marathon in real-time. This is a great tool when striving for a new personal goal. Include this App in your running mode and use it pace yourself to reach your goal.


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