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Male, 20 years, Johannesburg, South Africa
Boxing, Climbing, Indoor cycling… (+8 more)

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  • testa

    13.1.2012 @ ThomasWorkman

    hahahaha ay Osman, u betta watch out for this Speed Demon kid ;)

  • testa

    28.12.2011 @ ThomasWorkman

    yaaaaa defs bro!!! and we must play it right through the first term like on a sunday afternoon or sumthing :)

  • testa

    27.12.2011 @ ThomasWorkman

    hahaha ja those KES boys!! iv had 2 opps on my jaw so i havnt been eating.....and u knw how much i love my Kos :D

  • testa

    26.12.2011 @ ThomasWorkman

    OOOOSMANNN!!!! working hard i see ;) good my son

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